Tutor LMS is an eLearning WordPress plugin by Themeum. The software includes courses, lessons, a teacher and student dashboard, quizzes, and more. This page explains how to use Tutor LMS with Paid Memberships Pro to add eLearning features to your membership site.

How to Protect Tutor LMS Courses with PMPro

Our Courses for Membership Add On creates a bridge between the membership subscriptions and content protections of PMPro with the course functionality of Tutor LMS. Here’s how to set up the two plugins to work together:

  1. Install and activate plugins.

    To bridge Tutor LMS and Paid Memberships Pro, you will need Paid Memberships Pro, our Courses for Membership Add On (free), and Tutor LMS installed and activated on your site.

  2. Navigate to Memberships > Courses

    Check the box for Tutor LMS to enable the module.

  3. Save Settings

    Save the module selection.

  4. Apply Membership Requirements to Tutor LMS Courses

    Navigate to Tutor LMS to add or edit a course.

  5. Protect the Course

    In the Settings sidebar, locate the Require Membership metabox. Check any membership levels that you want to allow access for this course.

  6. Save Changes

    Save and update your course. That’s it. The course is now protected for the chosen memberships levels.

You do not need to set up any Tutor LMS registration pages, or other user-related functionality to use this Add On for course protection.

Managing Course Access and Enrollment

If a user viewing your course does not have the correct membership level, they will see the protected content message as specified in the Memberships > Settings > Advanced area of your WordPress admin.

When a new member completes checkout, they are automatically enrolled into all courses for their level. If a member changes levels, they are also unenrolled from any courses that aren’t offered for their new level.

Existing Course Enrollments

This Add On does not include any update scripts to manage course enrollment for existing members. All members who have an existing membership level will not be automatically enrolled in a course once you add protection.

Course protection and enrollment is hooked in the level change event: only new members or members that cancel or change their level will be updated.

  • You must manually add current members to newly protected courses
  • You must manually remove enrolled users that do not have the correct membership level for access.

Note: Tutor LMS has a native monetization feature for PMPro sites. You do not need to use this feature if you are using the core TutorLMS plugin with Paid Memberships Pro and this Courses for Membership Add On.

This is a third-party plugin.

The third-party integrations you see on our website are maintained by the creators of the products themselves.

Before listing them, our team conducts initial testing to ensure basic functionality. However, it's important to note that these integrations may change over time. This could include scenarios like the integration no longer being maintained, conflicts arising with the latest versions of WordPress or PMPro, issues with customer service, or other unforeseen bugs.

If you come across any problems with these integrations, please let us know by reporting them here.