If you’ve taken the plunge into using Paid Memberships Pro for your WordPress membership site, then kudos to you! But with over 70 Add Ons available, how do you choose the right PMPro Add Ons for what you’re building?

Making the right choice for added functionality might seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s dive into the options and figure out how to navigate them seamlessly.

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Official Add Ons List: The Repository of Choices

Paid Memberships Pro offers a plethora of Add Ons, all open source and ready for you to experiment with. If you do not have a PMPro license, you can download the Add Ons from GitHub. We recommend you start your journey at the official Add Ons page

Here, you’ll find Add Ons categorized by their category, license type, and more. A handy feature is the sidebar on each Add On page. This sidebar showcases:

  • Ease of Use: Ranging from Add Ons that require additional code or development to the simple “install and forget” types. For instance, the “Add PayPal Express” requires some additional configurations after activation.
  • Use Cases: This can be a life-saver. Some Add Ons, like the member directory and profiles, are specifically designed for association-based membership sites.
  • Compatibility: If your site allows members to hold multiple membership levels, you will want to ensure any additional PMPro Add Ons are compatible with your setup. 
  • Localization: Planning to translate? Most Add Ons are translation-ready, but it’s always wise to double-check.

Video: How to Find and Choose Which PMPro Add Ons You Need

Free Add Ons in the WordPress Plugin Repository

Some of our Add Ons are also available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. You can find the official PMPro Add Ons by viewing our profile page on WordPress.org here.

Here, you can gauge an Add On’s popularity, compatibility with the latest WordPress versions, and also peek into other users’ experiences by checking support ticket history and reviews.

Browsing Add Ons in Your WordPress Site Admin

Paid Memberships Pro has made it incredibly easy to find the perfect Add On directly from your site’s dashboard. 

Navigate to Memberships > Add Ons. Here, you can search by use case such as communities, associations, courses, e-learning, and more.

Using Third-Party Add Ons

While there are numerous third-party Add Ons available, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Some may not have been tested recently, have few installs, or not been updated for a while. Always prioritize security and compatibility over added features.

Need Personalized Recommendations?

If the sea of choices still feels overwhelming, the PMPro team offers direct assistance. Just describe your requirements on our contact form, and we will help you handpick the best options for your unique needs.

While the abundance of options with Paid Memberships Pro is genuinely fantastic, knowing how to navigate and choose effectively ensures that you make the most of your membership site. Happy choosing!

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