If you’d like to tighten up your checkout page, the code recipe below has filters to hide the confirm email or confirm password fields on membership checkout.

The Code Recipe

Copy and paste this code recipe into a helper PMPro Customizations plugin.

I’m currently working on a recipe for this but it relies on an update to the core plugin that isn’t available at this time. If you receive our email newsletters you’ll be updated when that code is in place.

Here is a gist to autoset the username: https://gist.github.com/travislima/4d599cc0b6169ef7ee7514442f289123

You’ll need to hide the username field using CSS then. To move the email address above the password field, add some javascript to the page (via a template?) that moves the field or use the techniques here to create your own checkout template https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/documentation/templates/ Note that if you create your own checkout template, you run the risk of your checkout page going out of date when we issue certain updates. We try to avoid this, but it’s not always possible.

It is really your preference. In my opinion, most web browsers have auto-complete features for email address, so not including the confirm email field is a good approach.

If you choose to hide the confirm password field, make sure you have a log in form with a notable link to your “reset password” process should they mis-enter it at registration.

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