We’re 100% GPL

Our plugin’s code is not obfuscatedruns on as many sites as you want and can be customized to fit your project’s needs. We just ask that you follow the GPLv2 guidelines by applying the GPLv2 license to any altered or unaltered version of PMPro that you distribute. Learn more about the GPLv2 license and PMPro »

How to use Paid Memberships Pro for free:

1. Download the full free membership plugin for WordPress here or at WordPress.org.

The “free” version of Paid Memberships Pro is the complete version—with no limitations. This full version of our plugin includes many features other plugins charge for, such as recurring payments with Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal Express.

2. Download our free plugins from WordPress.org.

Our most commonly used Add Ons are also available for free at WordPress.org. This includes plugins that allow you to integrate PMPro with third-party services, our Add On to collect profile fields, and our Add On to customize member emails.

Browse Our Integration Plugins at WordPress.org

3. Download our Open Source Plus Add Ons from GitHub.

We use GitHub to maintain the code repositories for all of our plugins. We believe in open source software and have made all of our repositories public.

  • This means that any developer can get quickly involved in the maintenance and development of our code.
  • This also means that you can download the full versions of any of our plugins for free.

To download our plugins from GitHub, first find the official repository under our Stranger Studios organization account, then switch to the “master” branch to get the latest release. Click “download ZIP” to download a ZIP file you can upload and activate in your WordPress site.

Important Notes:
  • Some repositories on GitHub include plugins in “beta” status. These plugins are not ready for public use.
  • Some of these plugins require developer experience, which is why we bundle the purchase of a Plus license key with a support membership.
  • If you install a plugin from the ZIP file downloaded on GitHub, the plugin directory may have -master or another branch name appended. This is usually fine, but can cause confusion if you download a copy of those same plugins from our site later. To avoid this, unzip the downloaded folder, rename the plugin folder, then compress it before uploading to WordPress.

Visit Github.com

4. Leave your “License Key” blank.

You do not need a license to run any of our software. Paid Memberships Pro and all of our Add Ons, including our Plus Add Ons, will continue to run even with an expired license or no license at all.