The pmpro_memberships_users table tracks a user’s membership (separate of their membership orders) for deeper reporting. The table includes a list of statuses that you can use to build custom reports.

The Member History section of the Edit User profile screen makes use of these statuses for deeper insights into a member’s activity on your site.

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Statuses Available for Reporting

The new statuses available in this table include:

  • active: The user’s current membership level
  • admin_cancelled: The admin cancelled the user’s membership under the Users > Edit User page.
  • admin_changed: The user’s level was changed by the admin under the Users > Edit User page.
  • cancelled: The user cancelled their membership via the frontend page set as “Cancel Page” under Memberships > Page Settings
  • changed: The user changed their membership to another option via a frontend membership checkout
  • expired: The user’s membership expired and they did not renew or select a new level prior to expiration.
  • inactive: All of cases where the membership level changed. Also the status given to all inactive memberships before PMPro version 1.8.
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