How to improve your sales funnel and grow membership by giving something away for free.

Your prospects and leads are a group of potential customers that have an interest in your business and products, often referred to as your “list.”

In this article, we tackle the problem of building and growing your list. We’ll show you how to leverage a Free Membership product as the first phase of your business’ sales funnel and (ultimately) help you convert list members from prospects to lifetime customers.

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Build your online business on a platform you own.

New online businesses are launching every moment of every day: membership sites, online stores, and everything else you can imagine. Loads of software tools, Sass apps, platforms, and site builders are available to help these businesses go to market faster, at a lower cost, and with less technical demands.

I believe that it is in your best interest to own the platform that the core of your business is built on. This article explores why owning your platform is so important and how you can leverage existing tools to help grow your digital empire.

PMPro Own Your Platform

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Jason Coleman featured on “How I Built It” podcast with Joe Casabona

How did Paid Memberships Pro evolve from an idea to the top Membership Plugin for WordPress?

Listen to Jason Coleman, PMPro’s founder, discuss his experiences building, maintaining, and growing Paid Memberships Pro on Joe Casabona’s new podcast series How I Built It.

Listen to the Podcast Now