Allow members to select a Payment Plan for membership at checkout (discount code method)

This recipe demonstrates how offer two or more pricing options for the same membership level on your Paid Memberships Pro checkout page. Multiple pricing structures, such as a monthly and yearly option on the same plan, allow you to appeal to a broader range of members. You can increase your business’ cash flow by rewarding…

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Create a Payment Plan

Exclude billing fields from some membership levels at checkout.

Our Capture Name and Address for Free Levels or for Offsite Gateway Add On allows you to collect billing fields for a free level or for paid levels when using with an offsite payment gateway like PayPal Express.

This code recipe demonstrates how hide those additional billing fields for a specific Membership Level ID.

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Icon for Capture Name and Address

Add “Select a Payment Plan” box to membership checkout (multiple levels demo)

Do you offer three different payment options for the same membership access? This new code gist allows you to easily add a selection box to the checkout page.

Select a Payment Plan Screenshot

The code example below shows you how to define level “groups”. These are levels that are related and should appear as payment plans on the membership checkout page.

Banner: Add Select a Payment Plan to Checkout

Prevent users from using an email address as their username.

The code example below will prevent users from setting their username to an email address. This is useful if you want users to use an actual username instead of using their email address in both username and email fields….

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Non-US Taxes with Paid Memberships Pro

The pmpro_tax filter hook allows you to add custom tax amounts to orders with PMPro. In this guide, I’ll cover one of the most common methods of handling taxes that we see for our customers. The method includes checks for the user to choose a region as well as region validation on their billing address.