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You mention that part of this update there is an option to block subscribers from viewing the dashboard which is great.

How would I block other levels as well?

I just deactivated and removed the TML plugin & pages and activated the PMPro Log In. I’m wondering after Logging in why the “Log In” doesn’t change to “Log Out”. I’m using this on my main menu. Previously, my members could tell if they’re logged in or logged out by simply looking at the main menu and if it said “Log Out” they would know that they are already logged in.

TML and PMPro have different ways to handle the login/logout in the menu. You may need to edit your menu, remove the TML login/logout links and add in the PMPro ones. Hope that makes sense.

The “Log In” link in the menu points to a log in page I created using Elementor. I used a shortcode widget in Elementor and placed this shortcode into it. [pmpro_login show_menu="true" show_logout_link="true"]
When I used TML you would see “Log In” if you’re not logged in and you’d see”Log Out” if you were logged in. It was an easy way for my elderly members to see whether they were already logged in or logged out. Would be nice if the PMPro Log In would do the same.

Hi Ray,

PMPro has a new custom menu section under Appearance > Menus. If you edit the menu your “Log In” link is on, remove that links then add both the “Log In” and “Log Out” links that are located within the “Paid Memberships Pro” section. There is documentation about these links here: If you need more assistance, please open a ticket in the support area here:

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