People often ask how to track affiliates with Paid Memberships Pro. Here are a few solutions we’ve helped customers get setup with. This post covers our Lightweight Affiliate Tracking Add On as well as integration with third party affiliate platforms that we support and plugins supported by the Affiliate programs directly.

Lightweight Affiliate Tracking – Paid Memberships Pro Add On

If you have basic affiliate program requirements and only need to manage who is referring who, try our Lightweight Affiliate Tracking Add On.

You can add Affiliates manually or automatically generate them as part of their membership level. And you must run your own reports and handle payments yourself. Otherwise, it does generate an affiliate link that when used will attach any orders to that affiliate. You can give affiliates access to view their affiliate reports using the following shortcode.

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PMPro Plus Add Ons for Third Party Affiliate Platforms

Post Affiliate Pro

Sign up or learn more about Post Affiliate Pro.

We’ve built a plugin to integrate PMPro with Post Affiliate Pro, which is a fully featured, third party affiliate service with its own fees.

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Post Affiliate Pro

WP Affiliate Platform

If you want an affiliate solution that is completely integrated with WordPress, WP Affiliate Platform may be the solution for you.

Sign up or learn more about WP Affiliate Platform.

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WP Affiliate Platform

Other Third Party Affiliate Platform Integrations


AffiliateWP is a fully featured affiliate platform that both tracks sales and offers ways to automatically send payments.

This premium plugin supports integration with Paid Memberships Pro natively. We recommend this plugin for most people who want to run affiliate programs with WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro.

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Affiliates Manager – Paid Membership Pro Integration

When members pay for membership on your site, this addon will check to see if the member was referred to your site by an affiliate. It will then give commission to the affiliate who referred the user.

Affiliates Manager offers a PMPro integration plugin to be used alongside the Affiliates Manager plugin.

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Affiliates Manager - Paid Membership Pro Integration

iDevAffiliate โ€“ Paid Memberships Pro Integration

iDevAffiliate includes tracking for recurring commissions during the billing cycle and automatic completion of the commissioning process when the subscription is cancelled.

The third-party platform offers native support for Paid Memberships Pro.

Learn More About iDev Affiliate

SliceWP โ€“ Paid Memberships Pro Integration

SliceWP allows you to start an affiliate program for your WordPress store or membership site. You can also easily manage everything directly from your WordPress dashboard.

The SliceWP integration with Paid Memberships Pro allows you to set a general commission rate for subscriptions, disable commission for a specific membership level and tie PMPro discount codes to affiliates.

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My typical response to requests like this is to give people cash through affiliate programs instead of free memberships. It just seems to work out better from a technical and business perspective. It’s actually pretty difficult to pause memberships or give paying member a free month in the middle of a subscription. You can do it “manually” through Stripe and PayPal in slightly different ways (set a trial until date in Stripe, pause a membership in PayPal). But coordinating that through the APIs is hard.

And then from a business perspective, we’ve found that sites that run these kind of promotions end up with a lot of free loaders and not many paying members.

So in short, we haven’t developed an easy way to do this.

Hi, I’m trying your plugin and deciding whether to go with. On your Lightweight Affiliate Tracking add-on, is it possible to add a commission percentage? I’m not seeing a field for it when editing an affiliate, so how does it work out and display the affiliate their earnings? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to double check our code, but the “lightweight affiliate addon” is so light weight that we don’t even track the commission % or amount. You would work that out with your affiliate. The reports show the total order amount, and then you would have to use the CSV export to do the math in Excel/etc.

Tracking the commission amounts would be a logically next step/feature for that addon, but we don’t have any current plans. If you need a bit more functionality out of the affiliate tracking, I would suggest AffiliateWP.

Hi there,

I am going to try out this affiliate program: Lightweight Affiliate tracking addon.

Which is the affiliate link generated? Is it the code? Do I add that to the end of my URL?

In the code field, what do we place there?

The instructions seem a bit light. Not exactly sure how it works.

Thank you.

Yes, to create an affiliate link add something like ?pa=32966A80C3 to the end of a URL. If you create a front end page with a shortcode [pmpro_affiliate_report] on it, then the affiliates will see some info about generating links.

Sorry for the confusion. We’ll work on updating the docs.

Also, one of my primary benefits that I am looking to extend to affiliates is free membership after referring 2 paid members of year long membership if that helps

I am having an issue with getting the shortcode for your light version to work. When I place the shortcode on it’s own page it actually sends me to the membership-levels page. Then when I tried posting the shortcode on that, it doesnt seem to work either. Am I missing something to set this up?

I’m using the Lightweight Affiliate Tracking โ€“ Paid Memberships Pro Add On, but after setting it up and testing it with 2 different membership sign ups, it still says no affiliate sign ups have been tracked.

Any ideas?

As an Affiliate Manager for various sites, Love to see more easier integration on favorite WP plugins by me and clients. I will surely inform my clients that we could have more things for the affiliate plusins with PMPro.

So is there any definitive information on Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) hosted /self managed platforms?

I run PAP on my own servers but sales do not track. Anyone know how to make this work or if it can work?


Hi i am currently using pmpro and wp affiliate manager , but problem is that wpam is not counting sales via pmpro, i installed PMPro WP Affiliate Platform Integration by first download zip file then uploading it, but unable to find the settings, can’t understand how it will work.

For the integration you built with WP Affiliates Platform, is there any way (or any possibility in the future) to be able to apply free months of membership to an existing users account to be able to take advantage of the idea of “refer two friends get one month free”?

This is commonly referred to as “pausing” a subscription. We don’t have this capability with PMPro right now. We recommend finding another way to credit the money back to users for referrals, etc.

We are potentially working with a client to build a pausing feature, which would work with Stripe initially. (Some other gateways either can’t do pausing at all or would have to be coded around to get it to work the same way as the Stripe pausing.) It is probably 1-2 months out. We will be able to release that addon publicly when we are finished with it.

Hi Jason, I’m also looking to pause monthly subscriptions for members who refer a friend. I am currently using WP Affiliate Platform. Has there been any update on this functionality? Thanks!

A version of this is working in the v2.0 dev. We’re working on an update to it to make the UI for managing the subscription more intuitive. Right now, you can “pause” a subscription by basically saying “set the billing amount to $0, then after one pay period set it back to $x”. We’re making an update so you can specify the dates to pause.

You can use the v2.0 beta at your own risk here:

At the time of writing this, that version doesn’t support multiple membership levels per user. Just FYI. Also, we have someone paying us to build a similar pausing mechanism for It’s going to be another month or so before any of this is released.

Hi Jason,

I have purchased the WP Affiliate plugin and tried to install your integration plugin, but it doesn’t install. What do I do with the Gist download file? I can’t find the instructions anywhere.


You should create a folder wp-content/plugins/pmpro-wp-affiliate-platform, then a file pmpro-wp-affiliate-platform.php inside of there. Then copy the gist into that file. Then find and activate the plugin through your WP dashboard.

Sorry this is fairly involved. I’ll try to get this plugin cleaned up and pushed to the WP repository so it’s easier to install.

We could build a bridge plugin for the ITThinx affiliate plugin like we did for the others. It should be fairly straightfoward depending on their API. This is something we would do as a “do it for me” plan.

RE giving a percentage of the purchase to the affiliate, that would be handled by the affiliate plugin itself.

Hello, I have one question. I installed Affiliate plugin ( It generates referral link, displays visits and hits realized via affiliates link. But I do not know how to manage referrals count in after buy of any membership level. Is there any easy way, how to connect the Affiliates with orders in PMPro to count in referral amount? Thank you J. Karnik

Jason, I’m looking at the PMPro plugin on github and on the plugin and readme I see that you’ve asked for the “Affiliate” link, user, & password. Maybe I’m not getting it but it seems that I have to manually add every affiliate into the plugin with their credentials {*gulp!} or some other solution that would automatically recognize every affiliates credentials upon DirectLink referrals.

My question is, what am I missing? Do I manually add every affiliate? If not, what affiliate credentials do I add?

Thank you!

Dixie, which plugin are you referring to? The PMPro Affiliates plugin does require you to add each affiliate manually… it’s meant for sites with a small number of affiliates. If you have a lot of affiliates and/or want them to be able to sign up themselves, etc, look at the other two solutions.

The instruction I am stuck on is:

1. Edit pmpro-post-affiliate-pro.php to enter your affiliate login link, username, and password.

I will have a large number of affiliates who would be able to sign up autonomously so I’m hoping to find a way to allow that with your plugin.. Thank you.

Hey Jason, excuse me if this is obvious, but does this plugin only work with the PAP managed solution (vs. downloading the software to your own server)?

I’ve only personally used the managed version of PAP with this. I assume the downloaded version would work, you would just have to update the URLs in the plugin to point to your server.

I like wp affiliate platform, but I only see paypal stuff on their site. I’ve got my PMPro setup with stripe. Do you know if it will integrate with PMPro and stripe? I commented over there but I haven’t heard back yet.


Thanks for the quick reply. Payouts via paypal are fine, it’s the memberships I’m concerned with. We handle memberships using PMPro and Stripe. We can wire money to our paypal account to do the payouts, but we still want to sign up members with stripe. I hope I explained myself better, my apologies.

Jason, if you have time over the weekend to take a look at my previous reply and respond some time over the weekend, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m having much the same dilemma as my site processes payments on stripe. Does the integration plugin for WP affiliate platform work for recurring payments or only for the initial sale? This is key since I want affiliates to get a percentage of all monthly fees of users they bring in. I hope you can help me figure this out a bit.

It should work with recurring payments. The issue with PayPal shouldn’t affect Stripe. I think our first client who used the plugin was using Stripe.

Make sure you are running the latest version of Paid Memberships Pro. If you are still having issues, sign up for support here and I’ll get in touch to try to work it out for you.

This would be an awesome addition to the already PERFECT plugin…..allowing an affiliate member to have their membership changed after X amount of affiliates have joined…..Any luck that this is already able to do so with a bit of adjusting???

1/ I want to know if your integration with Pap4 (post affiliate 4) enable to join automatically the new WP members in Pap4 ?
2/ is that PMP can automatically send an invoice to the new members as soon as they paid?

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