WordPress 4.3 New “Site Icons” Feature in Customize Screen

WordPress 4.3 “Billie” adds support for “Site Icons”. Just click the “Customize” link in your WP Admin bar or navigate to the Customize Screen under Appearance > Customize. This feature is fully compatible with the Memberlite theme.


The site icon will be shown in browser tabs (you may have heard this called “favicon” in the past), bookmark menus, and on the home screen of mobile devices. WordPress recommends uploading a 512px square image.

Pro Tips for Designing Your Site Icon

pmpro_wp_site_iconsHere are some popular sites and the “Site Icon” they are using. This should give you some idea of what type of image to use.

There doesn’t seem to be a best practice other than using an isolated, recognizable image at a small size. I’d recommend using a non-transparent image – on my iPhone the background is “black” when you use a transparent image and it looks pretty awful for the Paid Memberships Pro icon on mobile devices.

As far as “pre-rounding” your site icon, iPhone will automatically apply a rounded corner effect, Safari appears to keep it as the image is designed. I’ll need my Android and PC users out there to comment on how icons are handled on your devices.

Safari “Bookmarks”


Easily add a “Shop” style page using Addon Packages (sell access to a single post)

Version .5 of Addon Packages includes a new [pmpro_addon_packages] shortcode. This shortcode allows you to display a “shop” like page of available addon packages (all pages and posts with a defined pmproap_price). Just add the shortcode to a page with your desired attributes.

View the Add On

Screenshots and Code Examples

Four Column Layout

[pmpro_addon_packages layout="4col" orderby="post_title" thumbnail="thumbnail"]


Table Layout

[pmpro_addon_packages layout="table" orderby="post_title" thumbnail="thumbnail"]


Different cases for different users

  • If the current user has already purchased the addon package, they will see a link to “View”.
  • If the current user has a valid membership for the addon package, they can purchase without modifying their membership level.
  • If the current user does not have a membership level or there is no current (not logged in), they can click the “buy” button to purchase membership and the addon package in one step.

Shortcode Attributes

  • checkout_button: The text displayed on the button linking to checkout. (default: “Buy Now”).
  • exclude: A comma-separated list of the page IDs to exclude from display (default: none).
  • include: Optionally set this attribute to only show subpages of the active page. Accepts: “subpages”. (default: shows all pages and posts with an addon package price).
  • layout: The layout of the output. (default: table). Accepts “div”, “table”, “2col”, “3col”, “4col” (column-type layouts will work with the Memberlite Theme or any theme based on the Foundation 5 grid system).
  • link: Hyperlink the post/page title to the single view; accepts “true” or “false” (default: true).
  • orderby: Accepts any orderby parameter as defined in the codex. (default: menu_order).
  • order: Accepts ASC or DESC as defined in the codex. (default: ASC).
  • thumbnail: Optionally hide or show the subpage’s featured image; accepts “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large” or “false”. (default: thumbnail).
  • view_button: The text displayed on the button linking to view the single page. (default: “View Now”).