Other themes may not use the same names/ideas for their color schemes or have a way to change them via the customizer. But if they do, you can copy/paste the color codes into the other theme’s settings.

Hello, thank you very much for this post, but I have one question:
How could I build a member dashboard like that and still have the option to access some admin links from that page, for instance, be able to edit posts or pages???

Thank you!!!

Hi. I Don’t use the memberlite theme ad don’t want to change my current wordpress theme. Is there a code recipe to simply bring through the users avatar and name? I use themify which is pretty versatile. Thanks!

When I recently downloaded this plugin it says it now only works with Memberlite theme. Can you provide any alternate options?


I find this tutorial pretty helpful, that’s great.

In the other hand, What happens when the user wants to modify his password or edit his profile ? I he redirected to the default WordPress dashboard ?

Thanks in advance !

WordPress has a front facing password reset page that will still work even if you are hiding the dashboard from users. If you’d like something that fits into your front end a bit more, use the Theme My Login plugin.

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