Why post a Memberlite-powered theme on this website for PaidMembership Pro?

These theme customizations make it seem it for PaidMemberPro not another theme entirely.

I know you are trying to promote your Memberlite-powered theme however that should be promoted on that website OR Alteast show this can be done on any other theme.

I’ve been working on with this plugin for Client and I am tired of having to customize so much without proper documentation.

Thank you for your feedback. A custom member dashboard is possible for any theme, but we needed to select one as the primary used for demos. Memberlite is the theme we most strongly recommend for membership sites as we know it is fully compatible with Paid Memberships Pro. The theme is available for free download in the WordPress theme repository.

If you have a question about how you offer a similar member dashboard for another popular WP theme, please reach out by email and we will consider adding a new tutorial to our blog.


I find this tutorial pretty helpful, that’s great.

In the other hand, What happens when the user wants to modify his password or edit his profile ? I he redirected to the default WordPress dashboard ?

Thanks in advance !

WordPress has a front facing password reset page that will still work even if you are hiding the dashboard from users. If you’d like something that fits into your front end a bit more, use the Theme My Login plugin.

When I recently downloaded this plugin it says it now only works with Memberlite theme. Can you provide any alternate options?

Hi. I Don’t use the memberlite theme ad don’t want to change my current wordpress theme. Is there a code recipe to simply bring through the users avatar and name? I use themify which is pretty versatile. Thanks!

Hello, thank you very much for this post, but I have one question:
How could I build a member dashboard like that and still have the option to access some admin links from that page, for instance, be able to edit posts or pages???

Thank you!!!

Other themes may not use the same names/ideas for their color schemes or have a way to change them via the customizer. But if they do, you can copy/paste the color codes into the other theme’s settings.

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