Many WordPress themes allow you to set a color scheme to match your existing brand and logo. If you’re using the Memberlite Theme, for example, you can use Color extraction by TinEye to generate your site’s primary, secondary, and action colors.

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Color Extraction Tool from TinEye

Color extraction is a TinEye Lab tool powered by MulticolorEngine. Using this tool is simple: upload an image (your logo) and the tool identifies the dominant HEX colors. The tool will show you the image’s used color palette, as well as some suggested color schemes that introduce complementary colors.

Screenshot of the TinEye Color extraction tool page

Memberlite has several customization options for the color scheme. The main colors used on the site are defined as “Primary”, “Secondary”, and “Action”. Below are some guidelines for assigning your color scheme to these fields:


The “Primary” color is most widely used throughout the site: for headings, every page’s masthead background and the footer widget area background.

Select the logo or image’s most dominant and pleasing color.


Your “Secondary” color should complement the “Primary” color but be different enough to create contrast. This is the second most dominant color in your logo/image but should not be bold or attention grabbing (don’t select a color that detracts from the “Action” buttons/callouts).


Use a vibrant, bright color for your “Action” setting. This color is used for buttons and highlight areas—so it needs to drawn the eye’s attention and encourage clicks!

The color is used sparingly but packs a maximum effect when well selected.

Sample output from TinEye Color Extraction tool

I hope the Color Extractor from TinEye helps you extract the color scheme from your logo. You may not have a site logo, but if you have a photo or stock image that really speaks to your membership site’s message, give it a try in the image analyzer.

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