Are your WordPress or PMPro emails not sending? Do you receive emails 6 hours or more after they should have been delivered? Are all of your messages going to the spam folder? If so, try some of the troubleshooting and repair options below.

Testing and Troubleshooting

Test if other WordPress email is being sent (e.g. try to reset your password).

Test that other email (non-WordPress) from the server is working (testing this differs by each host/server, so follow up with your host on how to kick off a server-generated email).

Some hosts only allow you to send email from addresses that are configured on the server. So if you’ve set up a “fake” email address as your “From Email:” under Memberships > Email Settings, try changing the sending address to an email controlled by the server or set up that account as an actual account.

On the other hand, some hosts do the opposite. They will run into issues when sending email from an email account configured on the server, but send emails from outside accounts (e.g. Gmail) fine. Try changing your from email to an outside address and see if this clears up your issues.

Finally, if (1) you can send email from the host (2) you can send email from WP and (3) you have checked your spam folder and STILL aren’t getting PMPro emails, this may be an issue with PMPro and we can try to help in the members-only forum.

How to Resolve Email Delivery Issues

Configure an SMTP Plugin

Many hosting systems have unique SMTP requirements, so in this case you can try a plugin that allows you to more discretely set the outgoing server details for your hosting package. Each host has its own configuration / knowledge base for outgoing mail servers, so search your provider’s website for specific details. Some plugins we’ve tested include:

Consider Better Hosting

If your main issue is that email is delayed, consider upgrading your hosting. See this post on recommended hosting for sites running PMPro.

Use a Third Party

Try a plugin that allows you to have all mail sent through a dedicated third party. This provides not only better delivery rates, but some analytics as well (note that there may be a fee involved depending on the number of emails distributed). Check out wpMandrill or SendGrid.

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I am attempting to reset my password on your site. Every time I do, I get this:

Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below.

Each new link I get, I get the screen where I create the new passwords and get the same response.

Why is it that my wordpress email works when I use a plugin like “check email” to test it, but then I need to use a plugin to send PMPRO email? I ask because the plugin Postman SMTP conflicts with the ability to update posts. I have to deactivate that plugin to not receive a No Data Sent error in Chrome.

It might be because you have a different value in the PMPro email settings for what address you are sending from. Some mail servers/spam blockers/etc will treat email differently if you are sending from a specific address.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what is going on here. PMPro uses the WP wp_mail function to send email, so outside of changing the From email, it works like any other WP email.

Just in case anyone is looking into this thread, I have experimented further. I installed WP Mail SMTP, and it created an issue where the user gets an error that says “Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below” after clicking the button to submit the new password on the “reset password” page. Some support threads regarding that error suggest it’s a caching issue. We deactivated WP Mail SMTP and my consultant disabled all caching. The reset password link worked, which was great, but when I re-activated WP Mail SMTP the error came back, and it kept generating that error even after re-deactivating the plugin. So we are still stuck and troubleshooting.

Also I just wanted to note that I installed a plugin called WP Mail Logging, so I now have an email log to see whether the emails are actually sending from the site – I wanted to be sure that we were sending out all emails and that it’s just an issue of certain email providers not accepting our emails.

Hi Jason! Since your original post on this issue was from 2014, I wonder if you have any other plugins that you now recommend for SMTP management, or do you still recommend these?

Configure SMTP

Most non-Gmail users are not receiving emails from our site, so I had high hopes for the Gmail SMTP plugin, until I found out through experience that it interferes with the login process (the Gmail SMTP plugin eliminates the need for users to log in, which obviously is incompatible with our needs with PMPro), so I want to try out one of these other ones. Curious if you have updated ideas about them.

I’m using a 3rd-party tool to send (Mailgun). Like you mentioned on the Mandrill post, it overrides the appearance of the templates. However, there is no place to choose a template like Mandrill does. How can I still style the appearance of the HTML emails being sent?

Thanks. Yes, I saw those. I ended up giving up on Mailgun and going with Sendgrid. Much easier to set up in conjunction with PMPro.

Hi what is happening for me is a mix of your post, since at the beginning when I installed the plugin I was receiving every email, now I only receive an email when I make a purchase (client side), for the admin I don’t receive anything even though I have it activate it. No checkout emails. Canceling emails sometimes I get them for both sides (Client, Admin).

I have customized the email templates as per your instructions on the site by not modifying original folder, but creating one inside the Theme, dont know if this could be an issue.

Please advise.

Some hosts have trouble sending email to the same domain as the website. So try changing your admin email to something other than (a gmail address perhaps) and see if that works. If so, follow up with your host to allow your site to send email to that address. The SMTP WP plugins often help with this.

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