Are your WordPress or PMPro emails not sending? Do you receive emails 6 hours or more after they should have been delivered? Are all of your messages going to the spam folder? If so, try some of the troubleshooting and repair options below.

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Testing and Troubleshooting

Before moving through too many troubleshooting steps, check that you have not done one of the following:

If you have confirmed that none of the above is the cause of your email delivery issues, proceed with the next few troubleshooting steps:

  • Test if other WordPress email is being sent (e.g. try to reset your password).
  • Use an email logging plugin to see if WP is trying to send emails.
  • Test that other email (non-WordPress) from the server is working (testing this differs by each host/server, so follow up with your host on how to kick off a server-generated email).
  • Some hosts only allow you to send email from addresses that are configured on the server. So if you’ve set up a “fake” email address as your “From Email:” under Memberships > Email Settings, try changing the sending address to an email controlled by the server or set up that account as an actual account.
  • On the other hand, some hosts do the opposite. They will run into issues when sending email from an email account configured on the server, but send emails from outside accounts (e.g. Gmail) fine. Try changing your from email to an outside address and see if this clears up your issues.

If (1) you can send email from the host (2) you can send email from WP and (3) you have checked your spam folder and STILL aren’t getting PMPro emails, reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

How to Resolve Email Delivery Issues

Configure an SMTP Plugin

Many hosting systems have unique SMTP requirements, so in this case you can try a plugin that allows you to more discretely set the outgoing server details for your hosting package. Each host has its own configuration / knowledge base for outgoing mail servers, so search your provider’s website for specific details. Some plugins we’ve tested include:

Consider Better Hosting

If your main issue is that email is delayed, consider upgrading your hosting. See this post on recommended hosting for sites running PMPro.

Use Another Third Party for Transactional Email

Try a plugin that allows you to have all mail sent through a dedicated third party. This provides not only better delivery rates, but some analytics as well (note that there may be a fee involved depending on the number of emails distributed). Check out wpMandrill or SendGrid.

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