I know that many people are excited about v2.0, which most notably will include support for multiple membership levels per user, and have been waiting for a long time now for the update.

Every day we are asked when v2.0 is going to be released. I’ve been promising PMPro v2.0 will be out “next month” for the past 6 months now. What’s up with that?

The truth is that I haven’t been able to work on the next release as much as I’ve wanted to. We’ve been busy working on the many add-ons we’ve released, supporting the dozens of paid support members who join every week, and trying to deliver for our “do it for me” customers. With too much work on our plate, when push came to shove we’ve been focusing on our paying support and contract customers vs. working on new features.

Even so, there are many people who’ve paid us to work on v2.0 features, and many more who have supported us in other ways with regards to v2.0. It’s important to deliver on those promises and important for PMPro’s future to get v2.0 soon.

To that end, we’ve stopped taking on “do it for me” and smaller consulting projects so we can free up time to deliver for our current customers and also finish up PMPro v2.0. We are focused on delivery v2.0 in May (this month). Next week, I will push out the updated gateway code and new guidelines for how new gateways can be added to PMPro. Soon after, we will have an alpha release that supports multiple membership levels per user. And from there, we will do the work of making all of our add-ons and core code compatible with multiple memberships per user.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and continued support of Paid Memberships Pro.

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Thanks for the update Jason.

To accurately estimate the workload impact of delivering for current (support) customers vs future (feature) customers remains as elusive today as it was in the “olden days”. Appreciate the public update on status and am ever so thankful for the fact that you guys are actually giving up revenue to get traction on v2.0.

I’d love to help in any way I can, although I’m currently of the opinion that my help is probably less on the “helpful” scale and more on the “wtf did he do there” scale.

Waiting with baited breath to test v2.0 against my customized Series plugin.

This is awesome news! I am using PMPro for my site and the register-helper addon and was wondering if this was going to be incorporated in some way in the update to create different registration fields for different signup levels, as well as see this info in the Member lists/CSV?

Thanks. The Register Helper plugin already supports limiting fields per level and adding info to the CSV Export. Jessica just updated the Register Helper documentation a bunch:

Would look like this:
$referral = new PMProRH_Field(“referral”, “text”, array(“label”=>”Referral Code”, “profile”=>”admins”, “level”=>array(1,2,3), “memberslistcsv”=>true));

There is not currently an option to add content to the members list itself, although this can be done via some custom code using the pmpro_memberslist_extra_cols_header and pmpro_memberslist_extra_cols_body hooks. You can see how this is done in the PMPro Shipping plugin here:


Thanks Jason, We all feel ya and have been where you are, keep climbing. You are gonna feel so great when you reach the summit and hear the roar of the crowd supporting your hard climb to the top. Great update!!!

Thanks for the update, Jason. I have done a lot of research on membership plug-ins and I read a review stating PMP offered multiple memberships (critical to my needs). I chose yours and downloaded it based on that information but in trying to implement it, have not been able to figure out how to implement the multiple memberships. Now I know why! Very eagerly anticipating the new version… Are there any other plugins you would recommend that offer this feature?

Possible with 2.0 this scenario:
i have two or more user role example role cat and role dog , and membership level/plan for each (3 for dog 3 for cat).
I like when user with role cat login can see only the membership plan for cat and not all membership plan ..and viceversa.



v2.0 will support multiple membership levels per user, but you won’t be able to have multiple roles per user since WordPress only allows one role per user per site. If you are using custom code or the pmpro-roles plugin to assign roles per level it will only assign a role for the last level a user received. So keep this in mind.


I understand your position, esp being a developer and entrepreneur myself. That said, I think we have to be careful with the kinds of expectations we set for our users. I love your work on this plugin, but I think a company has many responsibilities that go well beyond the core product – especially when we’re talking about a product that is paid for and renewed over a specific period of time, as in your pricing.

Again, I respect what you’re doing and am very pumped to see v2!


Hi Jason, I’m really looking forward to the multiple levels per user option. I purchased wpcourseware after reading about it with PMPro and I’m loving it, but would like to be able to sell each course separately to users. I just downloaded the current addon package that is a fix. I know it works for posts and pages. Would I just have to select each post/page per course to get it to work with wpcourseware?

Thank you for a great plugin!

Thanks for using PMPro and the nice words. The addon packages won’t work easily with WP Courseware and the WP Courseware addon as far as I know. We’re so close to having true multiple memberships that it makes sense to just wait for that rather than try to get addon packages to work.

Thank you for the response, Jason. I am indeed looking forward to version 2.0 and the true multiple memberships option. If you need anyone to help with testing, please keep me in mind.

Any update on v2? I have a project where I will need multiple user levels. I can get away with current functionality for a short while but really need some kind of time line for v2 to be able to commit to the product.

No timeline. I would not wait on it. When I say that, I’m not trying to be a smart ass, I just don’t want people waiting on this update and expecting it. It’s really in a “when we get to it” mode right now.

However, it’s typically very easy for us or a good developer to get multiple membership levels per user working on one particular site (2-6 hours depending on the site) but hard to get it working in general for all sites. So if you’re interested in getting your site setup with multiple membership levels, reach out on the forums and we can quote you for getting it done on your site or help your WP developer get it done.

I am officially no longer working on 2.0. Specifically the multiple memberships per user part. The gateways features and some other features are in the v1.8 version coming out very soon. By the end of the month for sure.

If I ever start working on multiple membership levels per user again, I’ll definitely let everyone know.

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