Many people would like to integrate Paid Memberships Pro with Gravity Forms. While we don’t have a tight integration available at this time, below is a simple code example that you can use to trigger a user’s membership level change as part of a Gravity Form submission.

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Some things to consider…

  • This method will rely solely on the form requiring a user to be logged in, or that the form is a “user registration” form using the Gravity Forms user registration add on.
  • If your level is a paid level, you will need all of the appropriate subscription and gateway add ons for Gravity Forms. This method will not use the level’s Billing Details set up in PMPro. We’d advise only doing this if your level is free or simply a one time payment.
  • The payments will not show up as “orders” in Paid Memberships Pro, nor will they be part of your “Reports” in Paid Memberships Pro. The invoice records will all be stored in Gravity Forms admin pages, and the user’s Membership Account page will have no record of payment.

So this is a very specific use case, but it gives you an idea of how you might want to integrate with Gravity Forms… so here it is:

Gravity PMP by Ristretto Apps

You can also integrate Gravity Forms with Paid Memberships Pro by using the Gravity PMP plugin by Ristretto Apps. This premium plugin integration can give you a highly customizable registration, allows multiple level registration simultaneously, donations of any amount and multiple gateway support.

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