This is a very important update for Braintree Payments users. This update fixes issues with customers updating their billing information and also situations where customers would check out again (upgrade/downgrade) with a different credit card.

We also fixed some translation wrapping in the reports and updated the Italian translation.

All updates:

  • Important fix for Braintree Payments users. Credit card information is now correctly updated in Braintree when users submit the form on the billing information page or checkout again on the site. (Thanks, Bryan Paronto and venrooy)
  • Updated Italian translation files. (Thanks, Angelo Giammarresi)
  • Fixed string wrapping in reports for translation.
  • Fixed PHP warning in membership stats report.

Comments (3)

After updating to this version, I got the following error in the admin area and in the website:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function pmpro_getOption() in /home/storage/2/f6/8d/<>/public_html/site/wp-content/plugins/pmpro-woocommerce-master/pmpro-woocommerce.php on line 42

Now it is impossible to login the admin area or view the website. Fortunately this site isn’t in production yet…

Keep up the good work!


This is weird… in order to try to fix this problem, I disabled all plugins and then reactivated them, letting paid memberships pro for the last to be activated.

When I activated PMPro, it was ok, but when I tried to activate PMPro WooCommerce, it failed with the very same message. Then I tried to update PMPro WooCommerce again, without changing a thing, and it was enabled and the error message didn’t show up again!

Well, it is working now, but the issue report is here to help you guys somehow.


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