We have several tutorials for altering the membership levels page using the default [pmpro_levels] shortcode or the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On. This post summarizes several methods to:

It’s a useful guide if you aren’t quite sure of a method to use and want to explore your options.

  1. Reordering the Membership Levels Display

    Navigate to the Memberships > Membership Levels page in the WordPress Admin. Here you can drag and drop the membership levels into the order you would like them to display when using the default [pmpro_levels] shortcode or the [pmpro_advanced_levels] shortcode.

    Drag and Drop Membership Level Order

    If you are using the [pmpro_advanced_levels] shortcode, you can also specify the levels="2,4,1" attribute to force the display in your preferred order. This method will simultaneously reorder the display AND filter out levels you do not want to display.

  2. Hide Free Levels from the Membership Levels Display

    Here’s a tutorial for hiding all the free levels from display. This is a useful method if you have free levels that are reserved for specific customers or promotions, etc.

    View the Tutorial

    Hiding Specific Levels (by ID) from the Membership Levels Display

    To hide levels using the [pmpro_advanced_levels] shortcode, just exclude them from thelevels="1,2,3" attribute of the shortcode. Easy!

    If you are using the default [pmpro_levels] shortcode, you have two options for hiding levels from the output:

    Option 1: Define hidden levels in a custom function.

    The code recipe below allows you to define specific level IDs that will not be shown on your membership levels page.

    This code recipe requires a PMPro Plus Account or higher.

    View Membership Options

    Option 2: Add a setting to “hide” levels from display on the Memberships > Edit Level admin.

    This code recipe adds a new level setting to hide the display. If you expect to be manipulating level display fairly often and would prefer to do so via settings in the dashboard vs. code, this is the recipe for you. After installing the customization code, just navigate to Memberships > Edit Level and set “Show level” to “Yes” or “No”.

    This code recipe requires a PMPro Plus Account or higher.

    View Membership Options

  3. Skipping the Membership Levels Page

    If you have only one public level of membership, this method will redirect members from the membership levels page directly to membership checkout for the defined PMPRO_DEFAULT_LEVEL.

    View the Tutorial

    Skipping the Membership Checkout Process

    As with the “skipping” option above, this method will allow you to use the default WordPress registration process (or another plugin or theme’s registration process) and apply a default level of membership.

    View the Tutorial

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