Prevent members with the Administrator role from being redirected to a new homepage when using the Member Homepages Add On

About the Recipe

Using the Member Homepages Add On for Paid Memberships Pro allows you to completely redirect logged in members to a home page of your choice based on their membership level.

This code recipe will prevent Administrators with a membership level from being redirected to the new homepage. This can be useful at times when a website admin needs to get access to the ‘public/non-member’ homepage.

This recipe will only work if our Member Homepages Add On is installed and activated on your website.

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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Comments (3)

I was able to resolve with the Multiple Membership Levels Add On by becoming a Member and assigning myself to all levels.

My problem is that, as Admin (not a Member), I am unable to access the Member’s home page for design and editing purposes.

If I do make the Admin a Member at a certain level, then I can only access that level for design and editing purposes. Setting only allows Membership at one level at a time.

Is there a way to give the Admin open access to all Member pages at all times?

The method in this post would allow you as admin to view the site homepage. To allow the member to view and edit each level’s restrict page you would need to one of two things. You can create a level with access to everything as the method in this post: Then give each of your member homepages access for that level.

Alternately, the Developer’s Toolkit Add On has a “view as” feature that allows you to append a parameter to the site url and preview as that level ID. See:

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