Version is available via the WordPress repository. This update is very important for PayPal Standard users who are on version 1.5.9.

I’ve totally rewritten the IPN handler code. It’s much cleaner now and will be easier to maintain vs the various PayPal APIs. I’ve done as much testing as I can, and this is the best version of the plugin for PayPal yet. If you notice issues with checkouts or renewals, please contact me as soon as possible and I will fix it right away.


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* Revamped the ipnhandler code. It’s much cleaner now and should be easier to support with all 3 PayPal APIs (Standard, Website Payments Pro, Express) working through the one handler.
* Added Payflow Pro as a gateway option. Currently, only one-time charges is supported.
* Added the pmpro_register_redirect filter to allow you to change the URL PMPro redirects wp-login.php?action=register to. Returning false or an empty string will result in no redirect from the register page.
* Added pmpro_subscription_payment_failed hook that runs if a failed payment comes in through the IPN Handler, silent post, or Stripe web hook. do_action(“pmpro_subscription_payment_failed”, $old_order); $old_order is a MemberOrder object.

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Just found out today that all members who had failed repeatedly with Stripe for payment (expired credit cards, overdrafts, etc.) are not being cancelled in PMPRO.. that was a surprising discovery.

In the Stripe dashboard, there is a setting to cancel subscriptions after so many days. If you have that setup and your Stripe Webhook is working, it should cancel on the PMPro side as well. If you are having issues, please post to the support forums.

I found the post from someone at PMPRO that it was not set up to stop those memberships, and that someone put on GitHub the code to add a plugin to make that happen with Stripe webhooks. So, I installed that, after figuring out what Github was and how to turn it into a plugin, and now it works. But, apparently it’s not set up by default to do anything with those notifications from Stripe, because all of those deadbeats still had access and were still showing up, until now.

Actually, here’s where you said it:

“PMPro doesn’t automatically cancel people’s accounts if their payments fail. You should receive emails from PMPro and/or your gateway when this happens and you can login and cancel their account manually.

If you have a large site with a large number of members, this could be tedious.

Depending on your gateway, there is code like this ( that you can use to automatically cancel accounts when payments fail. If you need help setting this up, you can sign up for support at

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