Our documentation outlines the technical steps for integrating a new gateway with Paid Memberships Pro. It should be noted that it is not an “easy” thing to do. Depending on the complexity of the gateway’s API and what features you need to support, adding a new gateway can get very costly. In particular, supporting subscriptions and recurring billing greatly increases the complexity of adding gateway support. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year maintaining the gateways bundled with PMPro. Developers will likely charge a minimum of $5,000 USD to start a project like this.

This post below covers the non-technical aspects of adding a new gateway to Paid Memberships Pro.

1. Use WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress and has integration with a lot of gateways that we don’t support natively. The WooCommerce add on for Paid Memberships Pro can be used to connect the two plugins in a way that users checkout with WooCommerce, but membership access is managed with Paid Memberships Pro. If you do decide to use WooCommerce because of a gateway it supports, consider strongly if one of the WooCommerce subscription or membership plugins will work for you. A solution that only involves WooCommerce and WooCommerce Add Ons will generally be more foolproof than one that links our two plugins together. Many people use PMPro with WooCommerce (at least 7,000 sites at last count), but the decision to do so should not be taken lightly.

2. Use a different membership plugin. If another membership plugin has native support or an add on to integrate with the gateway or gateway option you need, consider using that plugin over Paid Memberships Pro. Integrating with a new gateway is very complicated and costly. It might be better for you to port one of our Add Ons to another membership plugin than to integrate PMPro with a new gateway.

3. Organize a mob. If we start getting lots and lots of requests for a certain payment gateway, we will consider using our development time to add it as an option. Check if there is already an issue on GitHub about adding the gateway. If so, you can add a comment to the issue to show your support. If not, you can create a new issue to see if there are others interested in the same gateway. Recognize that the pace of open source software can be very slow. It can take many months to gather support and many more months to build and test a new gateway.

4. Program it yourself. We have added hooks to make it possible to add new gateways into Paid Memberships Pro through an add on plugin. Our “gateway” class can be easily extended to support a new gateway (if you do the work of integrating with the gateway API) and it’s a fairly straightforward process to add the gateway as an option to the admin and checkout pages. Our documentation here goes into the details of creating a plugin to add a new gateway Again, note that this is difficult work, especially if you need to support subscriptions and recurring payments.

Hi there,

Can the team consider pesapal integration as it is really popular in many parts of Africa.

Thank you…

Hi Mapesa, we don’t have a development for this. But I approved the comment in case someone else was working on it.

Hey all – putting in a vote for CCBill. It’s pretty much mandatory for my site. It looks like it’s been on the burner here for at least six or more years and I see multiple posts with it happening ‘within months’ or ‘within the year’. I sent an email to the team here about it so I’m not looking to bust anyone’s chops publicly. That said, is this a realistic possibility soon? I ask since it’s not reasonable for my team to spend money on the membership plugin only to find out our subscribers can’t access the needed payment gateway. And Jason, I love yah brother, but there are a LOT of posts from you in this comment section saying it’s effectively just around the corner. “CTRL+F” and “ccbill” is pretty revelatory. haha

Hello, as you know integrations to payment gateways can be an unforeseen extensive developer process. This proves especially true for CCbill. At the moment the integration has been merged but we are still busy with testing. This is the hold up at the moment. If you are open to help with testing, please reach out to info@paidmembershipspro.com for more details.

Hi Sam,

We do not currently offer a payment gateway integration that supports crypto payments. I believe that GoURL has an integration that allows you to accept crypto payments. The plugin should still be available on the WordPress.org repository – try searching for GoURL Paid Memberships Pro.

Please note that we did not design, develop or support the GoURL plugin in anyway, so you will need to get in touch with the plugin developers if you have any questions regarding the Add On. Hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing this interesting Information The payment Gateway have Proper and well-matched price gateway, one has to an appearance on to the few points that will help you pick the right one to your eCommerce online store.

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

If you would like to integrate a new payment gateway there is one of three things you can do:

1) Do this yourself, warning this is approach is not recommended for those who are not an extensively experienced developer. We do not offer adding payment gateway support. For more information on this, please see: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/gateway/adding-a-new-gateway/

2) Use our WooCommerce Integration to sell Memberships as WooCommerce Products and use the WooCommerce Checkout to handle payments(only works if your payment gateway is supported by WooCommerce): https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/use-woocommerce-sell-memberships-payment-gateway-choice/

3) Get one of our Partner Developers to give you a cost estimate to develop an integration for you: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/developers/

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

If you would like to integrate a new payment gateway there is one of three things you can do:

1) Do this yourself, warning this is approach is not recommended for those who are not an extensively experienced developer. We do not offer adding payment gateway support. For more information on this, please see: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/gateway/adding-a-new-gateway/

2) Use our WooCommerce Integration to sell Memberships as WooCommerce Products and use the WooCommerce Checkout to handle payments(only works if your payment gateway is supported by WooCommerce): https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/use-woocommerce-sell-memberships-payment-gateway-choice/

3) Get one of our Partner Developers to give you a cost estimate to develop an integration for you: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/developers/

Hope this helps!

I am using https://wordpress.org/plugins/pmpro-paytm-gateway/ for Paytm integration with PMPro. I have changed the paytm submission URLs. Every thing is working fine membership levels.

But when I am paying for Addon packages payment made successfully but addon packages are not added to user access. I have to manually add them.

Please suggest if any changes I need to made in plugin. Or any other plugin for Paytm integration.

Thank you in advance.

It is an offsite checkout solution and the handler code is there.

The issue is only with PMPro addon packages.
After checkout the access to the thing is not being added to the user account.

I think the PMPro addon packages plugin is only handling the core gateway solutions.

Hi Vipin,

As someone considering using the same plugin along with PMPro could you please elaborate on this issue? What do you mean by “Addon packages payment made successfully but addon packages are not added to user access”?


Thank you for getting in touch with us!

If you would like to integrate a new payment gateway there is one of three things you can do:

1) Do this yourself, warning this is approach is not recommended for those who are not an extensively experienced developer. We do not offer adding payment gateway support. For more information on this, please see: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/gateway/adding-a-new-gateway/

2) Use our WooCommerce Integration to sell Memberships as WooCommerce Products and use the WooCommerce Checkout to handle payments(only works if your payment gateway is supported by WooCommerce): https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/use-woocommerce-sell-memberships-payment-gateway-choice/

3) Get one of our Partner Developers to give you a cost estimate to develop an integration for you: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/developers/

Hope this helps!

still no CCBill? such a pity. a LOT of people need, and yet you guys do nothing for it. Not sure why you like to lose money. ccBill and Epoch are required for adult websites – and that’s a big niche. please really consider adding at least one of them. thank you

Hi I want to disable credit card payements and add a payement getaway that makes the state of the checkout pending for administrator approve

You can use the Pay by Check gateway and/or addon. If you want to still use a credit card but delay the charge (just authorize) until an admin approves, that would take quite a bit of custom development. I’ve never done that kind of setup personally. I’m not sure if any of our partners have or not. You can post a request at https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/developers/, and if any of them have done something like this they will reach out to you. I wouldn’t expect it to be straight forward or cheap.

Hey! I built a gateway for PayU. My implementation is based on PayU’s ALU V3 (Automatic Live Update) documentation which can be found here: https://secure.payu.com.tr/docs/alu/v3/

I also included PayU’s ALU Client library (https://github.com/PayU/alu-client-php) for making the requests. I think the library works only for Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Hungary. Because the URL to send your request is determined according to the country code you choose, and the options are RO | RU | UA | TR | HU. I don’t know if other countries are supported, too. I tested it for Turkey and it works.

My PayU gateway implementation for Paid Memberships Pro works fine, except for recurring payments. Because, in Turkey PayU does not schedule recurring payments. Instead, they give you a token which you can use later for a recurring payment. You need to pull the trigger, they won’t do it for you. This is where the problem starts.

PMPRO’s gateway API is good but not documented well. The source codes for other gateways may help you but there is no example for this kind of recurring payment. So, I could not figure out a solution for recurring payments. I created a daily WP-CRON job that queries the users and tries to recur payments for those who exceeded their membership level period (for example: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc.). But it does not work, because when the time comes to recur a payment, the previous successful order’s status seems to have become ‘canceled’ so the operation aborts. You need a successful previous order to create a new one using the previous billing information, cvv, PayU token, etc. In this situation, I manually change those status fields to ‘success’ and trigger my checkout function. Then the payments complete successfully. I do this for every user when their period restarts.

One other problem is that I couldn’t make it to create a new order record in the database for a recurring payment. Instead, the most recent order is updated. This breaks the order history of the user.

Anyway, I’d happily share the code with those who want contribute. I didn’t uploaded it to GitHub, yet. Because it lacks i18n and some of the functions and outputs are project-specific.

So, anyone want to contribute (including Jason Coleman) please reply to this post so that we all can have an open-source and working PMPRO PayU gateway.

Hi, I am a user of PMRO in Mexico unfortunately here there are only 2 available payment gateways,So I am interested in adding Conekta.IO, have anybody requested this payment gateway?.. could I expect the addition of this soon? or could anybody help me to do so??

Hi Jason, i have followed your video on youtube and looked at your instructions too. I got as far as refreshing the payment options, and it should appear in the list. It doesnt…. Any idea as to why?

This work is hard. In the video I probably get like 3% of the way through implementing that one gateway (we never took it back up). If you ask pointed questions in our support forums, we can help out.

Hello Mr. Jason

can u plz help me how to add payu money payment gateway (or) else Instagram Payment gateway options.

i added payu money payment gateway .. i m getting error .payment working is success but membership level is not changing .. can u suggest me any solution plz

Looking forward for MERCADOPAGO Gateway, this is a mayor payment gateway for ALL LATAM and pretty sure it will make an awesome improvement for the plugin.


Hello Lenin Kumar

can u plz help me how to add payu money payment gateway (or) else Instagram Payment gateway options.

i added payu money payment gateway .. i m getting error .payment working is success but membership level is not changing .. can u suggest me any solution plz

Does anybody know how to use the paid membership pro but use the one of the getaways of woocomerce ( payu). However i don’t want to sell memberships with woocomerce, I want to sell membership using this plugin but using the woocomerce getaways, I couldn’t find any tutorial. Thank you in advance

Add my name in the hat for ClickBank too! I’m going to end up paying a monthly fee for Membermouse now. Start charging people Jason!!! haha


I have been integrating an Indian Payment gateway CCAvenue as an Addon with existing payment gateways… Though I have completed the payment at the gateway Im unable to update the status after a successful payment or in other words even after redirecting from the payment gateway to the confirmation page I am unable to update the status of order to success or failed … basically what function or filter or hook is used which will update the status on the confirmation page..

Any help in the right direction is appreciated


can u plz say could u solved ur problem or not .. i m facing same problem in pay u money ..


mr.Jason Coleman

can u plz suggest me how can we solve that one

Hi Jason,
this one is a little unusual…
However, how can I skip the payment process?
I would like my users to pay only by couponcode.
How can I achieve this?


Is there any possibilty that Przelewy24 would be supported any time soon? I’m having trouble configuring PMProGateway and I think all I need is to generete proper URL…

Hi Jason!

Great work and amazing plugin!

Do you have any plans of adding MercadoPago payment integration anytime soon?

Because MercadoPago is the most used gateway over all Latin America.
They process payments for 90 millions buyers. In more than 150 thousand online commerces offering more than 50 payment methods.
So it would be a big hit for Paid Membership Pro without a doubt.

It is already available as an addon for woocommerce (Woocommerce MercadoPago)
I saw in the comments above someone that already ask for MercadoPago, but I know a lot of people who will love to have this great plugin with this gateway 🙂 So I’ll “organize the mob” if needed.

Thanks for your time and keep it up!

Sincerely Mateo Baldasare from Argentina.

PD.: Here is the MercadoPago website with all the documentation (in English). They have everything setup to integrate with any kind of plugin, module or website: https://www.mercadopago.com.ar/developers/es/tools/sdk/server/php/

Hi Mateo, i’m looking for any alternative to the woocommerce plugin. Did you make any progress with this integration? I’m thinking about developing this plugin but i’m doing some research before.

Hey Jason ..

Actually i m looking for INDIAN Payment Gateway “ccavanue” in the PMP plugin … .and most of folks also … So, is there any chance to get this Payment Gateway soon ??


This is Faheem raza from INDIA, actually i m using PMPro Plugin into my site and i have integrated INDIAN payment gateway called ccavenue into this …now i m facing en error between the gateway and plugin that is :

when user selected level and did payment successfully then afterward the Success page is not redirecting to my website back and user is not coming back to my site automatically and the major error is that User’s profile level is not updating as selected before making payment …

Can you please guide me to fix this error,


Are you open to sharing your gateway addon code (maybe on GitHub) for others to use? If so, I can give you a pro bono account so you can post this to the member forums and we can get in touch to help you through the issues.

How can I integrate paypal advanced, I have integrated paypal advanced in my site when I make payment than its redirect to paypal site and did not redirect to my site after successful payment by sandbox testing in advanced paypal.
How can I fix this?
Its very urgent, Please help me

We don’t support PayPal Advanced right now, so you’ll have to use one of the other PayPal options. We’re talking about working on PayPal Advanced support, but it likely wouldn’t be available until later in the year at the earliest.

An update to add parallel payments would make this the greatest membership plugin, hands down. I would pay quite a bit for that. People could sell combination memberships on my site with out THEIR money going through me first, making me tax liable for THEIR money.

Hi Jason,

Do you have any plans of adding JVzoo and Clickbank payment integration anytime soon?

If not, is the version that makes it easier to integrate our own payment options released yet?

Sorry if I missed something above..

We don’t have plans for those. I think someone might be working on clickbank integration though. I’ll try to drum that up and find out.

Since the 1.8+ release it is easier to add gateways, but still quite a bit of work… especially if you want to support recurring payments and subscription synchronization.


Thanks for the reply.
If you could put me in contact with the person that is working on Clickbank integration I would be very grateful.

Also, since people probably bug you about these gateways often, would you mind sending anyone that inquires about JVZoo integration my way please…

I am determined to get this plugin developed. As you suggested in one of your previous posts, if enough of us pitch in then we can make this happen without it putting a big dent on any individual’s wallet. I would love to get this thing organized and started as soon as possible.


Now that v1.8.1 is available will we see an option to accept Bitcoin payments?

I’m not interested in CCBill anymore, I just read that Epoch, another “high risk” payment processor, made an agreement to accept payments through Paypal, so now is easy to set that up, but I’d really like to have Bitcoins as an option for tech-savvy visitors, and because of not having to pay comissions.

Anyway you made a great work.

Yes – we are always interested in adding new gateways for our global userbase. The biggest barrier is time. We just blogged about v1.8 which modularized payment gateways – hopefully this makes it easier for other developers to being adding gateways like VersaPay.

If your company has a team or developer interested in working on this gateway, please submit your info via the Contact Form and we can set you up with a support account to get Jason’s guidance as you develop.

In steps below, it says that ” 1-Create a new plugin to house your gateway addon.” but how to create it and where to create it.. please explain me in brief…

thanks in advance.

The core Paid Memberships Pro plugin should not be modified. Your gateway should be a separate plugin in its own folder in the wp-content/plugins folder of your site. Note that the way gateways are integrated with Paid Memberships Pro is being revamped with v1.8 – to be released soon. This will make the process of adding gateways a bit simpler / more modular.

We would really like to work on getting a Bitcoin gateway integrated. Our v1.8 is almost almost out (just testing) and that has a better framework for adding new gateways (especially gateways with limitations RE recurring billing like Bitcoin). Not sure when we will get to it, but we would like to integrate with Coinbase and Bitpay directly some time soon.


I need to use Pay u Money for INR (RS.)Transactions, But this option is not available into plugin. Please guide me is their any way to do that.

Kindly Regards,

Our v1.8 is almost almost out (just testing) and that has a better framework for adding new gateways. Hopefully at that time we can guide developers on contributing additional gateways, or begin developing additional gateways internally.

I was wondering if the payment gateway option ‘IDEAL’ will be integrated in ‘Paid Memberships Pro’. I run a website in the Netherlands where the use of IDEAL is very common and even almost indispensable. Friends of mine are running into this same problem. I would be awesome if IDEAL could be integrated. I am looking forward hearing of you soon.

We’ve had a few requests for IDEAL. Right now we’re working on a 1.8 release that improves the process of adding gateways (making them more “modular” and easier for external developers to create and drop-in). After that releases, we will be able to publish tutorials and docs for adding gateways hopefully attracting an experience IDEAL developer to code the integration.

Thank you for your quick response. I am glad that the 1.8 release will include the improvement of adding gateways. Do you have any idea when the 1.8 will be realised?

HI Jason Coleman ,
I am developer and working on the website which was using paid membership pro. initially, but due to CCBill not available client is planning to move on to amember or some other plugins which supports the CCBill. Being a developer I found your plugin effective enough to get the payment gateway integration nicely. I read above that you are planing to include the CCBill in this year.

Kindly update if possible if there is any date or easiest way to integrate ccbill on paid membership pro.

Thanks in advance.

No ETA on it yet. Stay tuned next year I suppose. The 1.8 version which makes it easier to add gateways to PMPro is coming out by the end of the year, but we don’t have plans to personally integrate CCBill. I think someone else might though.

Regarding ccbill, I have a large budget, can you recommend a good developer that can integrate ccbill into pmpro for me?

Hi Jason,

Do you have any plan to add Indian Payment Gateways? I am using this plugin and its really good for my site, except the payment gateway option. Please add Indian Payment Gateway as soon as possible, if you can.

Thank You

Would be great if you had a kickstarter type area of your site where customers could contribute towards a development and if it reaches it’s goal the feature is developed and those customers gain from it, then if there is not enough interest, the feature is left to the wayside.

I’ve thought about this, but people generally need plugins/development like this last month instead of 2-3 months from now after it’s funded. So people aren’t generally willing to fund.

“unless someone else funds it.” are you on drugs? that’s YOUR job as the creator of the plugin… and guess how it gets funded… through people purchasing the plugin after you’ve added the functionality they requested… you have TONS of people waiting on the sidelines, not purchasing, because it would be pointless if it doesn’t offer the payment functionality they require and they will purchase as soon as you add it, which is, guess what, FUNDING it… man you make no sense, and you ignore all these people requesting addition of these gateways…

I bet you could integrate one of these gateways in under a day. If your this bad at adding some basic payment gateways, like clickbank, then you must be horrible at giving support and functionality once people actually buy it. If you added clickbank I would purchase it the the very next day, as would hundreds of others… how’s that for funding?

> and guess how it gets funded… through people purchasing the plugin after you’ve added the functionality they requested

Did you notice that all of the PMPro code is available for free? While what you’re saying might make sense for plugins with other business models, it doesn’t for us.

I’ve spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars building Paid Memberships Pro and I give away for free. The majority of people using PMPro don’t give us any money. A relatively small percentage of users sign up for a PMPro membership and the ones that do need support which takes more of our time. Adding additional gateways right now will not make a return for us as much as you think it would.

> I bet you could integrate one of these gateways in under a day.
Not true. While coding a one time payment through a gateway API is relatively easier, it is at least 10x harder to handle recurring payments/etc. On top of this, people will expect every gateway to handle discount codes, addons, and customizations in the same way. So it’s not really an easy task. I spend at least 10-20 hours a month maintaining the existing gateways PMPro supports.

So adding additional gateways takes a lot of up front time and time for maintenance and doesn’t necessarily pay us back on any investment we would make to add it. In fact the 50/50 deal is stupidly generous from our stand point considering traditionally we spend about 2x the initial implementation time maintaining the gateway code… every year.

That said, I’m not trying to be dismissive of people requesting additional gateways. I’m taking note of the need and the opportunity there… it just doesn’t line up with what I’m personally working on for PMPro.

The new gateway API will be out soon, and people who haven’t been able to put their money where their mouths are in terms of what gateways they want will be able to put their coding where their mouths are so to speak to try to add gateways for use with PMPro. The implementation will allow for gateways in addons (not totally integrated with in PMPro core) which will mean we don’t necessarily have to maintain and support them, but single sites or groups of sites that want to use them will be able to. I hope that the new APIs along with support from other developers in the community outside of my household will lead to more gateway options for PMPro.

Hope this clears some things up.

Yes. I agree with Arvind. Please add Indian payment gateway. We need it. Please try to add this as soon as possible.

Thank You

Okay, so i have to put authorize.net or 2checkout then i need to make an account their and pay them their respective prices and then put the API or login details in my PMPro plugin?

$1-2K for a gateway? In that case, I’ll be sure to contact you guys when I want to integrate CoinPayments.net into a future site of mine and have the cash to do so!

I’m also saving cash to pay Neil to do a plugin to integrate myCRED (mycred.me) into PMPro as a payment option, as I’m wanting to use site currency for memberships at a site I run called Canuck Gamers.

Gabriel the author of myCRED would probably do that for free he does loads of myCRED plugins and stuff for my site and doesn’t charge a penny plus he knows his own plugin personally. Visit his forums at mycred.me to further ask him!

I’m interested in this too so if I find a solution I would be sure to let you know. myCRED can function on Woocommerce as a gateway so if you could get this plugin purchasable with subscriptions through Woocommerce simply use myCRED as a woo gateway perhaps?

Hope it helps. Atleast if Gabriel can help you, you could use the saved funds towards the other custom plugins you wanted doing??



Another vote for CCBill here (x 3 for each of my sites that need it integrated). Any news about CCBill being added by the end of this year?


Simple question, I apologize if it has been answered already…Can I have people check out through woocommerce when they choose a membership level? So far, it does not show in woocommerce and directly goes to paypal checkout. I would like them to be able to add to my woocommerce cart so they can add other products if they want. Thank you!

Thank you Jason. I already have this add on. So what I need to do is to create a product page for each membership level, is that correct? Thank you again! Gaia

I have a question about another payment Integration.
Does PMPRO also have integration, payment gateway possibility with IDEAL.?
Here’s is the link.: http://www.ideal.nl/en/

If not, can PMPRO connect, intergrate with Woocommerce?
I know that Woocommerce support different payment gateways, also Ideal, etc
I want to use PMPRo to restrict members on ouw membership site, however members should have the opportunity to pay also with Ideal, not only Paypal.

We don’t support IDEAL. There is integration with WooCommerce through the PMPro WooCommerce addon in the .org repository. So users can checkout with WooCommerce and receive PMPro levels when the orders are complete.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Payza, Bitpay, and CoinPayments.net added in the future. Payza is similar to Paypal, except you can setup multiple sites for just one account (via businesses).

Hello Jason according to my client requirement i want to add Securepay payment gateway which is not present in list so can you guide me for integration.

How this is done in v2.0 is changing. It will still be a large undertaking, but will be easier than it is now. I should have a doc/blog post up about that any day now. You can open a thread on the member forums then to ask about specific issues then.

Hi Jason,
Just wondering when the new doc/blog post will be up re the new way to add a gateway not currently suported?

Has anyone put in a request for QuickBooks Payments for Web Stores yet? QuickBooks has so many small businesses like mine that use their accounting software and POS for brick and mortar. It would put the icing on the cake if I could get it to work for online membership payments next and use one merchant processing company instead of needing PayPal as well.

Could you please add Payment wall to it. It is a really good system that supports multiple different payment methods. Like pay bay phone, bank account, credit card, Paypal and even more. If you add this it is like to only payment system you will need in it. Please add it, please!

Hey Jason,

I was trying to integrate Verotel with PMPro, and was following the doc you have shared where you’ve mentioned certain line numbers for editions (for offsite gateways). I see those line numbers are no more valid or atleast I don’t see the same code on same lines, maybe the plugin has evolved since then.

Can you update that doc with current line numbers (or if a code snippet of 3-4 lines can be mentioned each step so that people can find the exact area to be changed, even after the plugin updates in future), would be a great help.


Sumit, I’m in the middle of revamping how PMPro v2.0 will handle gateway integration. It will be much easier to do (I’m aiming for not requiring other files to be updated at all… all of the code will go into the gateway class.) So I can’t update those docs. But we’ll have new docs for the new system sometime next month.

Hey everyone I also echo the dream for 2CheckOut! I see in the comments that it is in beat and almost ready but it’s not on the Payment Gateways page!

Hi jason, I have a question i have a dutch website and in holland people pay with Ideal: http://www.ideal.nl/, but im not good enough to put the payment gateway ideal in the plugin is there another solution people in holland doesnt know the payment gateways that are in the plugin right now excapt for paypal but they doenst like to pay with paypal can you help me on this one

Hello Jason,

I also would like to have an ideal integration. Like they said: in Holland we pay with ideal.

Hey Sanjin,

Are you still interested in Clickbank integration or have you found a solution?

If you are still interested, and if you are possibly interested in JVzoo, please let me know..

You can reach me through the following:

Email – pattedup@gmail.com

Skype – live:appsupportteam

please are you saying i can achieve using PMPRO using the pmpro-woocommerce plugin and payment gateway supported by woocommerece (but not currently supported by PMPRO)

It typically costs us $2-$4k to add a new gateway, plus more cost for maintenance over time, but we handle that. We’re too swamped to take the work on now. But if you have a longer time frame, we can probably get to it late June, early July.


Is there any request for the french systempay gateway ?

I’m trying adding this class gateway but the external bank page process is quite difficult for me to make. I’m adapting a woocomerce systempay gateway class.


Can you link to the docs? It’s not on my list yet, but I’ll consider it. I’m hoping to have coordinated developer days soon where we can give you some closer help building the gateways or anything else you want to build with PMPro. It is pretty complicated to add a gateway.


Oh it will be great if this gateway could be added to the others.
It is very difficult and there’s so many options (cycles, trial period, …)

Some docs and sample code :

And a WooCommerce gateway using systempay I’m using to get example :

And where I found it, with many others cms samples

Thanks a lot for your message.

Hi Jason,

I’ve added all the steps of your doc for adding a new gateway. I can’t figure out how to display the screen before leaving the site and post all the necessary fields to the External Bank Page.

After the block “if($gateway == “paypalstandard” && !empty($morder))”, I’ve added this code in the prehaeders/checkout.php page :
if($gateway == “sips” && !empty($morder))
$morder->user_id = $user_id;

//do_action(“pmpro_before_send_to_paypal_standard”, $user_id, $morder);
//Affiche le formulaire systempay ou redirige vers la banque ?
But, I want to display the review form with process fileds before the user click on the “go to bank payment page”.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Jason,

I need now this payement gateway to open the web site i’m working on asap.

Regarding the docs I mentioned below, is it a dvelopment you can afford ? What will be the cost ? And the delay ?

Perhaps a starter code I could continue and finish for production environment.

Kind regards.


Is-it possible to give me a simple process to add a gateway or at least, those 2 points :
– a server to server confirmation-connexion (silent or ipn way to process ?)
– a page before bank redirect with the card selection and the bank hidden required fields

Many Thanks

Hi Jason,

A last chance for me having answer….

I’ve got a 350$ for that gateway. Is this job will interest you ?


Hi, Florent. We can’t do the work for that price. Know that integrating a gateway with PMPro is more complicated than traditional ecommerce platforms. In addition to handling one time transactions, we need to be able to setup/update recurring subscriptions and sync cancellations and billing failures, etc.

From the blog post.

> 3. Hire us to do it. Depending on the complexity of the gateway API, it will cost about $2-$4k to add it as an option for Paid Memberships Pro. We are willing to take on 50% of this cost, so it will cost you about $1-$2k to have us build integration for a new gateway. If you can find some others who need the same functionality, you can split the cost among the group.

Hi jason,
I can found $1K for that project (because surely it will be use for another one in the future).
Please let me know if it’s ok for you (perhaps without recurring subscriptions if it’s a lot of work) because I will need it soon.


Hi there
I just wanted to know what would be considered ‘best practice’ in the case where a payment gateway requires extra information that is not currently part of the checkout form.

I am interfacing PaidMembershipsPro with eWay (www.eway.com.au) using their ‘token’ api (via soap). One of their mandatory fields is ‘title’ eg Mr. Mrs. etc.

There is no equivalent field on the checkout.php form, nor is there anything in the database tables that would store this.

The obvious answer is to add an extra field to checkout.php, but I’m not sure what is the best way to go about doing this without creating an unupgradeable orphan installation of PaidMembershipsPro. I’m hoping to keep modifications to the core files to a minimum.

Any suggestions?

@kevingolding2001 Have you successfully written a eway plugin? We are currently wanting to use eWay as a payment gateway and it would be great to have a plugin that’s already written and working

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Hi I use woo commerce on my site and would like to use that through PMpro, is that possible?


Sorry had to put my question in twice as i forgot to click on the notify me button

Hi Jason. Great plugin for subscription module.

As the client requirement i have to integrate PAY U gateway for this plugin. i have created class.pmprogateway_payu.php page and extended the class.pmprogateway.php to add this everything is going well it is redirecting to payu gateway website but hash submition process is getting an error. but merchant key is passing. please tell me where is the error auctually. i adding the code below. Please have a look at this.

— snip

I have BillDesk payment gateway developed and working for one of my client. If anybody is interested in getting a BillDesk payment gateway then let me know. I can share code on github.

hello did u get any solution for that Indian payment gateway to the plugin.. i added pay u money ..everything working fine but membership level is not changing dynamically ..can u plz help me

Dear Jason – great work!

Yet there a 3 features missing:
1) Wire transfer option with accepting payment manually
2) Add new members manually
3) Secure download link for digital goods

Any chance?

Kind regards from Austria,

Hi Elizza, I am faced with the same problem of Wire Transfer and our Currency is Rand (R) in South Africa. How did you solve this issue? I cant understand Jason’s Reply.

I use jvzoo or digiresults so I am wondering if you could possibly add those to paid memberships pro?
My email address is deniseonline@live.com
I have to use jvzoo, clickbank or paypal for a product that will be advertised for me so I cannot use your membership plugin which is dissappointing for me.

But it doesn’t support all currencies. I tried using naira currency but it says the merchant doesn’t accept the currency.

Hello Mma. If this is still a problem for you, can I suggest you try the Paystack plugin for PMPro? You can get more information at paystack.com. The gateway allows you to take one-off or recurrent payments in Naira. For recurrent payments they support hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions.

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