Are you struggling to keep your membership community engaged and active? Do you find it challenging to generate group conversation topics that spark discussions among your members? Look no further! With the help of ChatGPT, you can effortlessly generate a wide range of engaging conversation starters that will ignite meaningful interactions within your membership community.

Either method will get you a strong list of topic starters you can post in your favorite community platform: Private Forums, Facebook Group, Discord, Slack, and more.

Whether your community revolves around a specific hobby, industry, or shared passion, ChatGPT can generate thought-provoking questions, fun icebreakers, or trending topics to inspire engaging discussions.

So why spend valuable time and effort racking your brain for conversation ideas when ChatGPT can do it for you? You’ll be shocked with just how good these conversation topics are.

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Start With a ChatGPT Prompt Designed to Generate Group Conversations

Writing a good prompt is crucial when using ChatGPT for generating conversation topics because it sets the tone and direction of the interaction. A well-crafted prompt can greatly influence the quality and relevance of the generated responses.

Another reason to focus on the prompt is because it guarantees will get a response in the format, tone, and topic area you are looking for.

For this “Community Ideas Generator” prompt, I started with a prompt that was included in MakerBox’s 40 Marketing Mega-Prompts. It’s an extensive and low-cost library of prompts that you can use for all kinds of ChatGPT marketing requests.

Here’s the customized prompt that I adapted from MakerBox:

You are Community Topic Starter Brainstorm GPT, a professional community manager who helps facilitate strong and engaging community dialog via private discussion forums and social media. You are a world-class expert in understanding how to keep people highly engaged in communities and are skilled at deconstructing business models into potential topic starter ideas.

I want you to generate 10 community discussion starter ideas for my group. These ideas will be based on my target audience's needs and a description of my community.

- Are creative and eye-catching. I need ideas that will stand out and create mega engagement
- Are short sentences that leave space for interesting conversation
- Support a community that is focused on: _________

- Return a list with the community topic marketing channel first, then the generated community topic question

- My business: ______
- My target audience: _____ (e.g. Solopreneurs, Indie Entrepreneurs, Digital Creators)
- My content marketing channels: _____ (e.g. Private Forum, Public Facebook Group, Twitter account)

There are a couple spots in this prompt that you must customize to generate the best group conversation topics for your community:

  • In the Community Thread Ideas Criteria section, update the bullet points with a very specific description of your community.
  • In the Information About Me section, add your business name (be extra descriptive if your business name isn’t so clear), adjust your target audience, and name a few marketing channels you generally use.

Video Demo: Generate Group Conversation Topics For a Community with ChatGPT

Community Topic Ideas: The Most Common Conversation Categories

In the video demo above, I used the prompt to generate group conversation topics for 7 fictitious communities. Before I share that list of communities and the topic ideas that ChatGPT provided, let’s dig into the general types of topics we got from ChatGPT.

Overall, the ideas fell into a few broad categories, which as a community manager you may be saying “this is exactly how to think about conversation starting”:

  • Personal experiences and storytelling: Encouraging members to share their personal encounters and experiences through various mediums
  • Knowledge sharing and education: Discussing interesting facts, unique characteristics, and other educational aspects pertinent to your community 
  • Photography and visual appreciation: Showcasing and discussing members’ photographs or videos related to the community’s purpose.
  • Recommendations and advice: Seeking and providing recommendations from other trusted community members.
  • Community engagement and feedback: Reflecting on the impact of the community, gathering feedback, and soliciting suggestions for improving the community experience.

As a general rule, expect the group conversation topics generated by ChatGPT to fall into one of these broad categories.

Ask ChatGPT Follow Up Questions For Clarity or Revision

If you aren’t completely happy with the first round of group conversation topics or really love one topic and want more like it, just ask.

After you generate the response from the basic prompt, the chat remains open, allowing you to follow up for clarification or request a slightly different response.

For example, after generating the first reply, post a follow up message like one of these:

  • Can you regenerate this list with 10 ideas only that I can use in a private forum?
  • I really want answers all focused on storytelling and experience sharing. Can you regenerate this list with 10 ideas that will encourage members to share their personal encounters and experiences?

The bottom line: act like you’re talking to a super experienced community manager in a kind of bossy way and clearly communicate what you want. You’ll get it (or something super close).

Where Can You Use These Group Conversation Topics?

There are too many community platforms to name, but rest assured this idea generator works whether you already have a private community website, use hosted platforms for community, or a just getting started by growing an audience through social media.

We have a complete guide on choosing the right community platform you can check out on our blog. In reality, your community exists in several different places, each playing a key role in your community’s growth—from the “just browsing” visitor to the deeply valued private community member.

Places to Post: Community Platforms 101

Here’s a quick overview of the places you can use to reach your audience and spark more meaningful engagement:

Private Membership Community

You can build a private community on WordPress using popular plugins like BuddyPress and BuddyBoss. Conversations in a totally private membership community are much richer than those in a public space. Consider using the more personal topics in this area.

Forum like bbPress

Members-only forums, like those built with Paid Memberships Pro and bbPress, have a lot of the same benefits as the private membership community. You can also use this space for the more in-depth questions you community may not otherwise feel comfortable discussing in public.


Discord can either be private or public, so depending on your setup you’ll want to consider which topics are the best fit for this community app. With easily shared images and also emoji reactions, this can be a great spot to use topics that require more visual replies.


Twitter is a public community space, so choose the more top of funnel, general, and less personal topics that can drive community growth. Start by crafting a compelling tweet that introduces the topic and invites followers to share their thoughts using a designated hashtag.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be public or private, so the topics you post here are truly up to you. A Facebook Group provides a dedicated space for people with shared interests to connect and engage. Choose a short and conversation-provoking topic to can capture the attention of group members on an otherwise noisy platform.

Slack and Other Messaging Platforms

Slack and similar messaging platforms are commonly invite-only and private. Use dedicated channels or threads for specific topics to introduce the conversation starters. This will keep conversations organized and on-topic.

Basically, you want to create an environment that stimulates conversation, encourages participation, and builds a strong sense of community across these messaging platforms. Make sure the conversations you start fit the type of audience and privacy considerations for each platform you use.

AI Tool: Generate Community Conversation Starters

Use the form below to generate group conversation topics that ignite meaningful interactions within your membership community using the GPT AI.

Write a very specific description of your community.

Be extra descriptive if your business name isn't so clear

e.g. Solopreneurs, Indie Entrepreneurs, Digital Creators

e.g. Private Forum, Public Facebook Group, Twitter account

Example Group Conversation Topics We Generated In This Tutorial

I wanted to run through a bunch of tests to make sure our prompt was as well crafted as possible. For my tests, I came up with the following totally fictitious (that probably actually exist!) example communities to work with:

  • New York State Birds of Prey Fan Club
  • First Year Registered Nurses Association of Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • Virtual Mastermind for Real Estate Investors and Home Flippers
  • International Lovers of Brie Cheese
  • Video Game Wiki Writers Community
  • Online Community For Backyard Gardeners and Homesteaders
  • Digital Nomad Business Owners Club

Let’s see what we got!

Group Conversation Topics for the New York State Birds of Prey Fan Club

  • Private Forum: “Share your favorite personal encounter with a New York State bird of prey. What made it special?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Did you know that New York State is home to 13 species of birds of prey? Let’s discuss each one and their unique characteristics!”
  • Twitter: “Which is your favorite New York State bird of prey, and why? Share a photo if you have one!”
  • Private Forum: “Have you ever participated in a bird-watching tour in New York State? Share your experience and recommendations!”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What are some interesting facts about the nesting habits of New York State birds of prey? Let’s learn together!”
  • Twitter: “Calling all photographers! Share your best shot of a New York State bird of prey. Let’s showcase their beauty!”
  • Private Forum: “Looking for advice: What are the best bird-watching spots in New York State? Any hidden gems we should know about?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Reflecting on our love for New York State birds of prey, what impact has being part of this community had on your bird-watching experiences?”
  • Twitter: “Curious about the migratory patterns of New York State birds of prey? Let’s discuss their incredible journeys!”
  • Private Forum: “As a member of our New York State Birds of Prey Fan Club, what improvements would you suggest to enhance the community experience?”

Conversation Starters for the First Year Registered Nurses Association of Philadelphia Pennsylvania

  • Public Facebook Group: “What are the top challenges you faced during your first year as a registered nurse? Share your experiences and learn from others in the field.”
  • Private Forum: “As a new nurse, what skills or areas of knowledge do you feel are crucial for success? Let’s discuss and support each other’s professional growth.”
  • Twitter: “Calling all first-year nurses in Philadelphia! What’s one piece of advice you wish you had received when starting your career? Share your insights with the #FirstYearNursePhilly community!”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Share your favorite resources (books, websites, podcasts) that have helped you navigate your first year as a registered nurse. Let’s build a valuable collection together!”
  • Private Forum: “What are some self-care practices that have helped you maintain a healthy work-life balance as a first-year nurse? Let’s prioritize our well-being and share practical tips!”
  • Twitter: “Congratulations on completing your first year as a registered nurse! Reflecting on this milestone, what were your biggest achievements and lessons learned? Share your success stories and inspire others!”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Are you considering pursuing specialization or further education in nursing? Let’s discuss the pros, cons, and different career paths to help you make an informed decision.”
  • Private Forum: “Share the most memorable patient experience you’ve had as a first-year nurse. Let’s celebrate the impact we make in people’s lives and find inspiration in our stories!”
  • Twitter: “What are your go-to strategies for handling stress and burnout as a first-year nurse? Let’s build a toolkit of coping mechanisms and support each other through challenging times.”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Reflecting on your first year as a registered nurse, what advice would you give to future graduates entering the field? Join the conversation and empower the next generation of nurses!”

Community Topics for the Virtual Mastermind for Real Estate Investors and Home Flippers

  • Public Facebook Group: “What’s the most lucrative real estate market you’ve invested in?”
  • Twitter: “Share your best tip for finding off-market properties.”
  • Private Forum: “How do you evaluate the potential ROI of a fix-and-flip project?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What are the essential due diligence steps for buying rental properties?”
  • Private Forum: “Should I focus on single-family homes or multi-unit properties?”
  • Twitter: “What financing options have you found most successful for real estate investments?”
  • Private Forum: “Share your favorite renovation hacks for maximizing property value.”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What’s your favorite real estate investing book or podcast?”
  • Private Forum: “Share your recent success story in a real estate deal.”
  • Twitter: “Tag a real estate mentor who has helped you succeed in your investing journey.”

Group Conversations for the International Lovers of Brie Cheese

  • Private Forum: What’s your favorite way to pair Brie cheese with other ingredients?
  • Public Facebook Group: Share a photo of your most beautiful Brie cheese platter!
  • Twitter: What’s the most unique Brie cheese flavor or variation you’ve tried?
  • Private Forum: What are some creative recipes that incorporate Brie cheese?
  • Public Facebook Group: Which Brie cheese brand do you recommend for a special occasion?
  • Twitter: What’s your go-to Brie cheese appetizer for entertaining guests?
  • Private Forum: Tell us about a memorable experience you’ve had with Brie cheese.
  • Public Facebook Group: What’s your favorite wine pairing with Brie cheese?
  • Twitter: Share your top tip for storing Brie cheese to keep it fresh longer.
  • Private Forum: What’s the best Brie cheese you’ve ever tasted? Describe it in one word.

Ideas for Conversations In the Video Game Wiki Writers Community

  • Public Facebook Group: “What is the most memorable video game character you’ve encountered while writing a wiki? Share your experience!”
  • Twitter: “Looking for inspiration! Which video game has the most intricate lore and world-building? #VideoGameWriters”
  • Private Forum: “What are your favorite storytelling techniques used in video games? Let’s discuss and learn from each other!”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Congratulations on completing your latest wiki! Share your accomplishment and the challenges you faced.”
  • Private Forum: “What are the essential skills needed to become a successful video game wiki writer? Let’s compile a checklist!”
  • Twitter: “Calling all video game wiki writers! Share your favorite tools and software for efficient content creation.”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What is your go-to strategy for organizing complex information while working on a video game wiki?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “Which video game genre poses the greatest challenge for wiki writers? Join the debate and state your reasons!”
  • Twitter: “Are you struggling to choose your next video game wiki project? Let the community help you decide! #WikiWriters”
  • Private Forum: “Share your success stories! How has writing video game wikis helped you grow as a content creator?”

Group Conversation Topics the Online Community For Backyard Gardeners and Homesteaders

  • Private Forum: “Introduce yourself! What inspired you to start your backyard garden?”
  • Private Forum: “Share your favorite gardening tool and why it’s essential to your success.”
  • Private Forum: “Seeking advice: How do you deal with garden pests naturally?”
  • Private Forum: “What are your top tips for maximizing limited space in a small backyard garden?”
  • Private Forum: “Discussing different types of raised bed materials: Which one works best for you?”
  • Private Forum: “Comparing irrigation systems: Drip vs. sprinkler, what’s your preference?”
  • Private Forum: “Show off your garden’s progress! Share photos of your plants throughout the seasons.”
  • Private Forum: “Let’s talk about composting! Share your composting tips and tricks.”
  • Private Forum: “Reflecting on your gardening journey: What has been your biggest lesson learned?”
  • Private Forum: “Celebrating successes: Share your favorite garden-to-table recipe using homegrown ingredients.”

Group Conversation Topics the Digital Nomad Business Owners Club

  • Public Facebook Group: “What’s the most unexpected challenge you’ve faced while running a nomadic business?”
  • Private Forum: “Share your favorite tools and resources for managing a digital nomad business.”
  • Twitter: “What factors do you consider when choosing a destination for your nomadic business?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What are your top tips for staying productive while traveling as a digital nomad?”
  • Private Forum: “Reflecting on your journey as a digital nomad business owner, what has been your biggest success so far?”
  • Twitter: “How do you balance work and personal life while running a nomadic business?”
  • Private Forum: “What strategies have you found effective for marketing your digital nomad business?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What motivates you to run a business while living a nomadic lifestyle?”
  • Public Facebook Group: “What are the must-have skills for success as a digital nomad business owner?”
  • Private Forum: “What advice would you give to someone starting a digital nomad business?”

The Power’s In the Prompt

No matter what type of community you run, I hope these demos show just how powerful ChatGPT can be to help you get the ideas flowing.

In my experience, the most important aspect of leveraging ChatGPT for group conversation topics has been to start with a strong prompt. A well-crafted prompt influences the quality and relevance of generated responses.

Whenever you chat with AI, be clear and specific in communicating what you want to get. This greatly improves your shot of getting a relevant response from ChatGPT.

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