Have you ever had a technical question you wanted to ask Jason Coleman? Ever wonder how Kim gets so much done? And, who is that guy on the left?

We’re gearing up for our first AMA about PMPro and what it takes to run a successful membership business. So, what do you want to know?

Ask the Paid Memberships Pro Team Anything

Update: Watch our first Ask Us Anything Session

Watch the first Paid Memberships Pro “Ask Us Anything” Session right here.

The PMPro “Ask Us Anything” Session

In early November, we are planning to host our first “Ask Us Anything” session. Our members, plugin users, and general community fans will have the opportunity to connect with us online and gain some insight into the minds behind Paid Memberships Pro. We will stream the “Ask Us Anything” session over on our YouTube channel for anyone to access—more details on this later.

View YouTube Channel

How will the “Ask Us Anything” session work?

Here is a quick run-through of what you can expect to see with the session:

  1. Send in your questions

    They say the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked. So ask us a question. You can leave your question in the comment section below or send us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

    You can direct your question at an individual (“Jason, how do you manage that fabulous hair style?” or “Travis, how did you cultivate your slick voiceover skillz?”) or a general question for the team. We’ll figure out who would be best to answer it.

  2. Question selection

    Once all the questions are in, we will go through them and select a few to answer – exciting.

  3. Interview

    The PMPro team will get together on a video call. Travis will act as the interviewer and pose your questions to the rest of the team. The interview will be recorded and edited before the live stream.

  4. Notification

    After the video has been edited, we’ll be ready to stream. Expect to see the live stream date and time sent out via our newsletter and social media accounts.

  5. Live Stream

    The Ask Us Anything session will stream via our YouTube channel. The stream will be pre-recorded, but we’ll be live in the stream chat to answer any follow up questions you may have.

We decided to make our first Ask Us Anything session pre-recorded to ensure a high-quality stream. We are a distributed team and sometimes connectivity issues, sound quality, and some less-than-desirable previous experiences with streaming were a challenge. You’ll get our undivided attention in the stream chat for any follow-up questions you have. Remember, the team will be around to live chat with you during the stream.

What do you have to do now?

Ask us any questions you have and wait for more information on the live stream event.

You can leave your question in the comment section below or send us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook. That’s it!

We are looking forward to connecting with you and fielding your tough questions. If you are a Paid Memberships Pro Premium member and unable to make the live stream, we’ll post a private recording of the stream here on our website.

Not sure what to ask?

Want to participate but not sure what to ask? Feel free to follow along with the live stream just for fun. Or maybe these sample questions will help get you thinking of your own question:

  • How many people work for Paid Memberships Pro?
  • How do I validate my membership idea?
  • What is the best price for my membership levels?
  • What is it like to work with a distributed team?
  • Where is the PMPro team based?
  • What is next on the development schedule for Paid Memberships Pro?

You can also ask a more personal question to team members such as their favorite hobby or football team. We will select some random, some interesting, and some generally helpful questions to tackle on the live stream.

I’m looking forward to see what you come up with.

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I have a Website which I have developedoped in a business model, love it and look forward to it going ‘live’ soon. . I am not a Coder and am only able to do the text work in the ‘backend’. I love PMPRO and your support in responding to my requests for modifications to my needs has been great.

I to find that I have way to many different Plugins, but do bot have the ‘knowhow’ to figure out what else PMPRO could do for me to cut out some of these Plugins.

Is there anyone out there who has the expertise to review what I have and what could be done to get rid of some Plugins ?

There more I have, or better – the less I need the better my chances not to have issues once my Website goes ‘live.

In any event, I think PMPRO is likely the best in its class and most reactive to questions.


This was my question and seems to be a follow-up to Matt’s question. It seems by now a lot of the add on packages would be a part of the basic installation.
Like (requires plugin or add-on)(I would think these might fall into a “most used” category)
editing response emails/email templates, add member from admin, approvals, recurring emails, pay by check, extra expiration emails, set expiration dates, states dropdown, strong passwords, multiple member levels per person.
Seems like integration of a lot of what are now separate plugins might (maybe) also reduce some overhead.
I have one member site that has maybe 15 plug ins/addons PLUS recipes in the customizations plugin, plus CSS for making stuff look better.

Not sure where my pain level is, but I sure have a LOT of plugins running for what I am doing.
Sam Bean

What’s the status on getting multiple memberships out of testing and compatible with other add-ons such as Add On Packages? (And honestly, I’d prefer an answer I can read, since I don’t have time to waste on lengthy videos online and won’t be watching the results of this.)

Hey @Adamengst,

Good question, I will follow up with Jason and most likely ask him this question for the live-stream. I will post an answer here in writing once he’s been asked 🙂

Hi Team,

I’d like to generally know why the plugin is so complicated to implement? i.e. why so many emails and posts about customizing a largely featureless application with ‘code recipes’ instead of actually adding basic features to the plugin with things like options and check boxes?

I think you are limiting your audience to people who are comfortable with PHP only, where the entire point of WP is to be able to build a site without being a coder like yourselves.

Are there any plans to bundle the most used features into an update?

Hi Matt,

Would you mind if I ask you a couple of follow-up questions?

1) What features do you consider to be the “most used” features of Paid Memberships Pro?
2) Mind telling me a little bit about your membership site, who your target audience is and what ultimate goal you’re trying to reach?
3) What is the main pain-point preventing you from reaching those goals?

Thank you!

Have you ever considered white-labelling WP Snippets for use with PMPro to replace the PMPro Customizations plugin? As a white-labelled product you can customise its function, for example, turning on or off ‘checkout page modifications’, whilst still taking advantage of WP Snippets product development.

Have you ever considered commercialising a ‘PMPro Developers SDK’? Such a product would obviously include the PMPro Developer’s Toolkit Add On but, more importantly, would include technical documentation of all PMPro pages and functions, processing flowcharts, the data model, an API reference, tons of example code with video usage guides and so on. I’d pay for that.

How do you decide when a release is ‘good to go’? In my experience, some releases have been ‘trouble free’ whereas others have been, well, let’s just say released prematurely.

While Paid memberships Pro is offered as Open Source Software, you still continue to develop the product (which is fantastic!). How do you prioritise all the incoming development work e.g. support tickets, GitHub issues/enhancements, your Slack channel etc.

How can I leverage PMP for event registrations? I would like to set up event registration and online payments similar to Event Brite for my organization type clients that hold regular events like conferences or lunch & learns.

Hello! I have created my first forums and cannot figure out how to change the background and font colors of threads/replies/topics. Currently the background is a dark color and the font is gray which makes it hard to read. I have downloaded the style pack plugin and changed settings for topics display but nothing changes on the website. I think my theme is not allowing the style pack changes but I don’t know how to fix it.

Can this plugin be integrated with PMPro along side the BuddyPress integration? Be cool if I could limit the number of groups which can be created based on membership role.



I have an autoresponder I just started using called Sendiio which has its own API:


Here’s my thought for an integration:

* User joins membership which is linked to form which is linked to mailing list.

1. What are the chances of being able to integrate Sendiio with PMPro?
2. Why not create a generic subscription form that adds the email addresses to a separate table which allows them to be downloaded to a csv and uploaded to an autoresponder? I think I typed that right. :-/
Link the membership to a generic subscription form?

Basically I want the registration & membership.

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