If you need to add a new member and process their payment information, or update an existing member’s paid subscription here are a few methods you can use as admin or membership manager.

This article covers three methods of adding or updating a member:

If you need to bulk add or update members, please refer to the Import Users from CSV Add On documentation.

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Use Your Site Like a Member Would

One of the easiest ways to add a new member is to simply log out of your administrator or membership manager account and “checkout” like any other member would. To do this, navigate through your membership levels > membership checkout process and complete the form as you would for the new member to be created. Until the Add Member Admin Add On is developed further, this is the only way to add a new member if you need to process credit card or PayPal payment.

If the member already exists and you are updating their membership, you can use the User Switching plugin by John Blackbourn to use that member’s account without needing their private password information. After installing the plugin, locate the member in your Users list, then click the “Switch To” link. You’re now navigating the site as the user would and can proceed with selecting a membership level, completing membership checkout, or canceling membership.

Edit an Existing User in WordPress Admin

If processing membership payment is not required, you can manually add or update a user’s membership directly via Users > Add New or Users > Edit User. Just navigate to your WordPress admin and locate the member to update. On the Edit User screen, there is a section pictured below.


You can modify the Membership Level (change level or set to none), Expiration Date, optionally “Send the user an email about this change” and optionally “Cancel this user’s subscription at the gateway”.

Click the “Update Profile” button to save the changes.

To attach an order to the user, locate the user in the Memberships > Members List and click the +order link under their username. If you know the user ID, you can also add the order via the Memberships > Orders > Add New Order admin page.

Use the New Add Member Admin Add On

This Add On allows the admin or membership manager to create the user, the membership settings, and the order in one step.

When the plugin is activated, you will see a new “Add Member” page under “Memberships” in your WordPress admin.


The form includes the fields for:

  • user account (email address, password – entered or random, first name, last name, role)
  • membership level
  • expiration
  • payment (only cash or check; we’re currently developing the admin credit card processing component)
  • order total
  • order notes
  • * existing filters in place for adding additional fields to the user registration will also appear here.

Once you submit the form, the user account will be active and appear in the members list with the membership settings you entered. An order under Memberships > Orders will be created for the membership “checkout”. If you need to make updates to the corresponding order (i.e. if they pay you via check offline and you want to record receipt), locate it in the Memberships > Orders list. Note that no confirmation email will be sent to the user when you use this method.

View the Add On

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Comments (62)

I am switching over membership from a different system where I have about 100 users who have already paid for their membership.

Some of these users I have given free membership to a level that normally requires a yearly payment and have mitigated their fee with no expiration. If I don’t set an expiration for these users will they continue on the membership plan or will they be prompted after a year to make a payment since the level is a yearly subscription?

Also, for the existing users that have paid, I am assigning them to a level that is a yearly subscription in the ‘Edit User’ section but once I do, it marks them as not paying and their fee in the member section is “-” with no indication that they will be billed yearly. Do I need to set an expiration date for when their subscription will renew to prompt them to renew their membership? And if I set an expiration date, that will remove their ability to view my premium content unless they renew, correct?

Hello, as a Plus member you can receive hands-on guidance with your billing structures in the Member Support Area. In the meantime, when your members reach their expiration date (that is manually set by you per user or within the membership level settings) will receive a 7-day expiration warning email that can prompt them to renew.

Hello Kim and Jason. Plz I need this clarification. When I change a members level from admin end and I don’t choose “cancel user’s subscription at the gateway”, the member is assigned the new level with “Not paying” status.

Does this mean that the member will not be charged any renewal fee at all (neither the old level fee not the new level fee)?

And if so, how do I get reinstate a subscription fee for such member? Plz I’d greatly appreciate your response. Thank you

Hi Emmanuella, depending on the gateway you are using, if you update a new members’ membership level it will not update the subscription at the gateway. This is a fraud-safety regulation that’s in place for members that an admin can’t hike a price without their consent. If you want the current member to have a new subscription level, they would have to checkout for that level in order to confirm the subscription at the gateway.

I’m having trouble with a new member who received an error when they were creating their membership account. Their credit card was charged but no member account was created so they can’t access what they’ve paid for! I see the payment under Orders, but they are not in my Members list (it’s showing as [none] for the member when I view their order). How do I correct this so that they have access to my content without them having to pay again?

I did it, but it doesn’t seem to connect the two. In the User info it still says that “not paying” even though I added the User ID to the Order

The membership fee in that place is stored in a table separate from the Orders table and not accessible by any admin settings fields. You would need to directly edit your database or do an import to override that value. Please open a ticket in our support area for further help.

Attaching the user ID to the order will ensure that the order appears on the member’s frontend Membership Account and Invoices pages. You can use a plugin like “User Switching” to view your site as that user to see how their account appears: https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-switching/

Is there a way / plugin / add-on the user can update their profile rather than in the wp user system?

I’d like something that’s more in line with the website rather than them being in the back end so to speak.

Thank you.

Hi, is there a way to limit the Add Member Admin Add On to a certain membership? Say one level is VIP. We want Membership Managers in VIP to only see other VIP members and be able to add to that membership level. It makes sense this should be possible but I don’t see anything in the admin to limit or create those settings. Please advise.

Hi there,

Since you are a PMPro Plus Member, would you kindly open up a support topic on our Member Support Forum so that our support engineers can take a closer look into this request for you?

We are updating a few of our members where we need to update the expiration date so that the customer can go online and renew. We are getting the error “Start Date must not occur before the submission date” What does this mean?

I am trying to import existing member database with 35 fields. CSV plugins work fine with basic fields, but will not import extended fields. How do I import multiple custom fields in addition to the basic fields?

When I import user data, it creates new record for each member rather than updating existing record. How do I import repeatedly to update fields for members without creating new records for each member at each import?

If you add a column to your CSV with the first row equal to the “user meta key”, then that value for each row will be imported into user meta. Let us know if you are referring to other kinds of “extended fields”. Our documentation here (https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/add-ons/pmpro-import-users-csv/) will show how to label our fields for the billing and order information (they usually start with membership_…).

> When I import user data, it creates new record for each member rather than updating existing record.

There is a checkbox on the Import Users From CSV screen to “update existing users”. Make sure that your CSV has a user_email, user_login, or ID field so the row can be linked to the existing user.

If you are having more trouble. Open a thread in our support forums.

Jason – thanks for the quick response. I have added multiple fields with unique key for each field in first row. Problem was associated with the “member_id” field. I was inserting text name of member level rather than the ID number associated with the field name. Using ID number solved the major problem. Other fields now being accepted into membership directory.

I check the “update existing users” option each time and it still creates new record for each member rather than updating existing member record. It flags old record as inactive while new record is flagged as active. If I do many updates using import as the mechanism, this will double my database size each time I import and eventually force me to manually go in and delete duplicate record entries. All my records have user_email, user_login and ID fields to enable existing user updating. I have posted this issue on user forum also.

Thanks again for quick response.

I am using Register Helper to add extra fields, but they are not showing up in the Add a Member interface. How can I get them to show up there?

I am using register helper to add more fields but I don’t see the fields when I want to manually add a member. I changed this line of code to “true” but it’s still not working.

function pmprorh_rf_show_extra_profile_fields($user, $withlocations = true)

What am I missing?

Hi there,

It means that the subscription profile that is created at the payment gateway when a member signs up will be canceled as well as being canceled on your site. If this is not done, the member will still be charged for their membership directly via the payment gateway.

Hope this clears things up?


I am using this plugin in one of my site. Please let me know if i have created a level for a month. Does this plugin sends an reminder email to the user to renew before 2 to 3 days etc. I would appreciate your reply.

Hi there,

I am assuming that these users are not members and you would like to add them to your member’s directory. If that is correct, you can navigate to your WP Dashboard > Users > “Edit” the user you want to add to your member’s directory > Membership Level > Set “Current Level” to the desired membership level.

The user should now show up in your member’s directory. Hope this helps!

We are transitioning a snail mail membership to online. All of our members have renewals at different times of the year using cash or check.

How could I input each user’s payment/account information specifically?

I want them to all have an account so they will be part of our new website and email list, but they do not necessarily all need to pay the yearly subscription right now – some have recently paid, some will pay in 6 months, etc.

How can i notify them when subscription is due so they input their CC info THEN and from then it becomes recurring?

Hi @Korin,

We have an Add-On called Import Users from CSV.

Here is how you can set it up:

1. Import users via CSV and assign to a particular membership level.
2. Set their expiration date for that particular level inside the CSV.
3. Inside that levels settings, set up the recurring data ( DO NOT SET A EXPIRATION DATE FOR THIS LEVEL).

When it comes to their expiration date the member will be notified and they should be able to simply renew, input their Credit Card details and then get billed yearly.

All of our levels are recurring, with no expiration date – check!

Just to be clear, In the CSV import template, the “start date” would be today essentially, and the “end Date” would be the expiry date? This date would trigger renewal, right? I didn’t see another way to input this data so I’m assuming this is right.

Hi there,

The start date is the starting date of the membership, the end date is the same as the expiration date. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support team to go over your CSV with you just to check to see if this is set up correctly with regards to the recurring membership. Feel free to open up a support topic on our forum and one of our support engineers will gladly take a look for you.

We have an issue with a new member or two. The employee checking them out was logged into WordPress while they created their account. Now, we don’t have them in the Membership list but we did capture their CC in stripe and setup their billing. Is there a way to add them to the Membership list without messing up Stripe or adding them again with billing info? We have a few like this.


If the same employee checked out twice for different members, the subscription would be cancelled and overwritten. I think your only path is to have the user check out again. At this time one user can only have one membership at a time so the existing subscription would be cancelled when the second or third checkout happened.

Hey I have a quick question… I added some notes to the “user notes” section, but I don’t see that as showing up anywhere after making them a member. Is there a way to show this information to a logged in user?

Hmmm. I believe we add that content into the notes field of the order that is created.

If you want to use something similar to show notes to a user, you can use our Register Helper plugin to add a new field called notes (or something similar) and set that to show up in the user profile or since it is stored in user meta you can pull it from there to show to the user any way you want through a user meta shortcode plugin or custom code.

This requires a bit more coding a setup, but let me know if it works for you.

It appears that this Addon may still be in “Beta”. Or at least that’s what it says on the page. What is the scheduled release date for a stable version? I am asking because I need a specific function that you indicate on this page is not developed yet (payment (only cash or check; we’re currently developing the admin credit card processing component)), We need to be able to process credit card charges when we manually add a member. Thanks in advance for your update.

Hmmm. This is stable in what it does. We intended to also allow for charges to be made when using the form, and we were going to move it out of beta then. That part isn’t working yet and seems to be what you are looking for. We don’t have plans to do this coding any time soon.

Where are you on the admin credit card charing component. I am setting up a new site and that is very important to the treasurer and the other administrators.

Thank you!!

This is an important requirement, but none of your 3 recommendations work very well. Sometimes our members give us checks without interacting with our website (at an event, for example) and we need to renew or create their membership for them.

1) The User Switching plugin by John Blackbourn conflicts with the Theme My Login plugin, so that option is not available to me.

2) Edit an Existing User in WordPress Admin doesn’t handle membership payments.

3) It would be nice if the New Add Member Admin Add On plugin was cleaned up and officially released. I see the beta version was released 2 years ago with no activity since then. Is there any chance this could be moved back to active development? This plugin is very close — but not quite — ready for prime time.

Any guidance you could provide would be appreciated.



Thank you for your feedback – with respect to the TML / User Switching conflict, can you explain the issue you are having? We use both on our site here at PMPro without trouble. You would want to make sure you are using the Pay by Check Add On so that once you have “switched” to the user you would be able to enter that order as a “check payment”. See: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/add-ons/pmpro-pay-by-check-add-on/

For item 2, if you edit a member’s level on their “Edit User” page, you are correct that it will not generate an order. You can add an order to keep your reports up to date and their Membership Invoice history accurate should they ever want to log in. After updating a user’s level, you would go to Memberships > Orders > + Add New Order. You will need the member’s User ID to correctly link the new order to the user.

For item 3, have you tested the add on? It should work perfectly for the specific case of a NEW member paying in person. The add on was actually designed for this case specifically. It would be a useful update to this add on to offer a way to add a membership / generate corresponding order for an existing user in one step. I’ll make a note on our requested development boards for this feature.

When a new or renew member has paid and the order has been processed, the “expire” of the member is “never”, even though i entered 1 year in the membership level renewal. Our membership level its self never expires just our members do. So why doesn’t this reset its self to expire in another year. i have to manually change the never to “Yes” then the date appears.

If the membership billing is recurring you don’t want to set an expiration date. PMPro will cancel the member when the recurring subscription fails/etc. So in these cases it says expires (never) but really that means it will expire when they stop paying.

If you do have levels set with recurring billing and expirations, you’ll want to remove the expirations (unless you intended to have a “payment plan” type setup where their membership really does cancel after so many payment). If you have an expiration date, PMPro will cancel them on that date even if the recurring payment comes in.

Sorry for the confusion. We’re working on some ways to make this all more clear in the level setup.

Thank you for discussing this important topic Jason. Your plugin is awesome, but I have to admit that we’ve been trying to test the Membership Level setup for months. This is my 1st website, so I expect a lot of trial and error on my part …but can’ not seem to get this critical setup right. I’m a Plus member and using the “Extra Expiration Warning Emails” and “Pay by Check” Add Ons.

We have a simple outdoor club with one type of membership that recurs every year for $18. If I set it with no expiration, no reminder emails seem to go out. If I set it with expiration, it cancels the member on that date, without warning.

Hi @wtcwebmaster1,

Thanks for your comment and for being a Plus Member! If you reach out to our technical support team via our Member Support Forums, I am sure we can take a closer look at your site for you and help you come to some sort of solution for your setup.

I am having issues with members renewing, there is not expiry date reset, i have to manually click expires “Yes” set the date. why doesn’t this do this automatically. then I do not understand Subscription Updates

Subscription updates, allow you to change the member’s subscription values at predefined times. Be sure to click Update User after making changes. I can’t find information on this thank you

If there is a recurring subscription then PMPro will not “expire” the membership. It will let the membership go on indefinitely until the subscription is cancelled or payments fail/etc. At that time, the gateway will send a message to PMPro to cancel the subscription.

Some membership systems work the opposite way. They are going to cancel the subscription unless that renewal payment goes through.

Subscription updates are a feature for memberships linked to a Stripe subscription. You can set the billing amount to change at determined times. I actually don’t have a good doc handy on how that works. I’ll work on one, but it should be fairly straight forward what’s going to happen when you set the update.

never mind – thank you. I figured it out. It is not clear though that Paid Membership Pro members are managed through Users.

Is this no longer available? I don’t see it in the Add Ons? Or do I just add a new WP user and assign them to a level now?

Testing the beta of this, and I see the asterisk for the additional fields. I have the register helper/customization plugin setup and working but the fields don’t show in the add member add-on. Does this mean it’s not supported yet or do I need to add some code?

Will you ever be adding a way to edit the start date from the admin panel? When I make changes to a users level, the start date changes to the date of the change and this causes issues with things like serial content or using the plugin hiding old posts from new members.

This has been brought up before and would be pretty straight forward. I’d like to do it. If you post to our member forums, I can follow up there. If not, you can wait and we might post it here.

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