Version 1.7.11 of Paid Memberships Pro added a “Filter searches and archives?” setting to the Memberships > Advanced Settings tab. This post explains that feature in more detail.

How to Access and Modify this Setting

Go to Memberships > Advanced Settings.

Select the appropriate setting for “Filter searches and archives?”:

  • No – Non-members will see restricted posts/pages in searches and archives.
  • Yes – Only members will see restricted posts/pages in searches and archives.

The filter defaults to “No – Non-members will see restricted posts/pages in searches and archives.”

When you change this setting to “Yes”, you may be surprised to visit your site and find “missing posts”. Remember that even though you are logged in as the “Administrator” role, you may not have the appropriate membership level to view members-only content. We recommend setting up a hidden “all access” level that only you (and any other accounts you designate) will have. Give this “all access” level the same membership access to restricted categories, posts, pages, etc.

Which posts will this setting filter?

The setting filters all posts in a category that is restricted to members-only (those categories associated to your level(s) on the Edit Membership Level admin). It also filters the single posts with “Require Membership” settings.

What if a non-member knows the URL of a members-only page/post? Can they see it?

The single view of a members-only page/post is not filtered by this setting. To define how you want the single page/post to display for non-members, you must set the “Show Excerpts to Non-Members?” appropriately. If you’d like to redirect away from members-only content, see this code recipe by Jason.

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