Version 1.7.11 of Paid Memberships Pro added a “Filter searches and archives?” setting to the Memberships > Advanced Settings tab. This post explains that feature in more detail.

How to Access and Modify this Setting

Go to Memberships > Advanced Settings.

Select the appropriate setting for “Filter searches and archives?”:

  • No – Non-members will see restricted posts/pages in searches and archives.
  • Yes – Only members will see restricted posts/pages in searches and archives.

The filter defaults to “No – Non-members will see restricted posts/pages in searches and archives.”


When you change this setting to “Yes”, you may be surprised to visit your site and find “missing posts”. Remember that even though you are logged in as the “Administrator” role, you may not have the appropriate membership level to view members-only content. We recommend setting up a hidden “all access” level that only you (and any other accounts you designate) will have. Give this “all access” level the same membership access to restricted categories, posts, pages, etc.

Which posts will this setting filter?

The setting filters all posts in a category that is restricted to members-only (those categories associated to your level(s) on the Edit Membership Level admin). It also filters the single posts with “Require Membership” settings.

What if a non-member knows the URL of a members-only page/post? Can they see it?

The single view of a members-only page/post is not filtered by this setting. To define how you want the single page/post to display for non-members, you must set the “Show Excerpts to Non-Members?” appropriately. If you’d like to redirect away from members-only content, see this code recipe by Jason.

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Hi. I have read this email but I do not understand what is going on I can’t see any details or links to my account to continue.

Hi, Louis. Sorry for the confusion. I’m not sure what your question is here. Can you be more specific? This blog post explains one of the settings on the Advanced Settings tab of the PMPro Settings in your WP dashboard.

I am using the “limit post views” plugin. Is there a way to NOT show the restriction in category archives? Like… I would like my category archives to be free so people can see what they could be reading. Then, when they click on “read more” they’d find themselves confronted with the paywall.

I thought the addon only counted single page views as views and did show things on the category page as long as you have the PMPro setting set to NOT hide member content from archives. If not, you can post to our member forums and we’ll figure out what is happening and work it out for you.

I am working on a fan club site, I want the meetings minutes to be available for non-members, the post has a category of “General Meeting Minutes” is there a way to setup so these posts are always available as if they are just a regular blog post so they information is available to any one who views the site?

We will have other information that is available only to members, and I have that part working the way I want, just need to have the general meeting minutes category excluded from being blocked or requiring a membership to view the minutes.



When you edit a level, you can check which categories require that level. If a level is not set to require membership, it will be available to public (non-logged-in etc) users and will show up in archives and searches.

What about for the Recent Posts widget? I have the set the settings correctly, but users who are not logged in can still see the titles for member only content in the Recent Posts widget. Is there a way to have them not show up unless the user is a member?

It should also hide them from the recent posts widget. If you are using a plugin for recent posts vs the built in one, this may not be the case. Also, I can imagine some ways that caching would effect this.

Some clever themes or plugins using CPTs are not automatically restricted by PMPro since we focus on core WP functionality.

Here are a couple ways to redirect away from CPTs or content in general.

If this doesn’t work or you just want some help, we can get more information about your site and help you in our support forum.

Hi there,

The limit of words you see in an excerpt is a limitation that is made by your WordPress site directly, you can change this with a function. You may also find a plugin on the repository that can help with this too. Hope this helps!

Hello there. The pages on my site are not showing to non-members. The settings were done as you said, but still not seen. What would be the reason?

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