Set a hidden “super level” with access to everything. This is a useful method for site administrators to be able to easily browse their entire membership site regardless of level.

A little background…

Something that confuses some people about Paid Memberships Pro is the fact that admins DON’T have access to everything on the site. Their access is based on their membership level, just like all others users.

If you want to have a “super level” with access to everything, you can use the code below. Set up the “Membership Level” that has access to everything, set it to “hidden”, then assign it to one or more administrator/site owner accounts directly via the Users > Edit User admin.

The Code Recipe

This code recipe requires a PMPro Plus Account or higher.

View Membership Options

I added this as per the instructions and set up the Level as well..
So yes I can now view every page before the drip fed day.

When I view my membership-account/ page, it still only shows my drip Fed items that have reached the certain day that has passed and NOT all the items.

Is there some way to get this to now list all items in my ( Admin) account page as well?

This gist doesn’t create the level. You would create a level, and then use that leverls ID in the code (ID 1 in the gist above) and it tells PMPro to give that users with that membership level access to everything no matter what the other access rules are.

Typically, you would create a new level for this outside the ones you are selling and swap the 1 in the code with the ID of the level you made.

Hope this helps.

I added this code in my child theme’s functions.php and there’s no change.

As a admin user, I still see at, for example,

That post is categorized under “Members Only” and I have set all 4 levels in PMPro to have access to this category.

Is there no way other than having one of the levels assigned to me, the admin?

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