Hello, sorry you are facing this issue! Make sure that you have the latest PMPro update and that the Log In page there has the [pmpro_login] shortcode in it. A workaround would be to change the Log In page on the PMPro page settings page to “use default” which will use the default wp-login.php.

Hi Kimberly. Hi Jason!

I hope you both are doing well! Definitely, the Theme My Login didn’t work for us. The login button was not working properly and we’ve tested it on desktop and mobile. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not (we click on it and nothing happens) and the login button is fundamental for our success, because of obvious reasons. By installing Theme My Login, we could solve an issue (that we still have with the “[pmpro login]”) that is the presence of a duplicated information “Lost Password” (one in Portuguese and another in English) and also the “Register” link that we couldn’t figure out how we can change it. The WordPress theme that we use is the Buddy Theme. At this point, we’ve decided not to adopt Theme my Login because it’s been really unstable and we can’t take this risk. So could you please tell us how we can hide this duplicated “Lost your password” and also how we can change the “Register” URL link (or hide it too)? Thank you so much!

Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads
up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.

I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the
same outcome.

Hello, could you give us more information on which images are not loading correctly? When I view it in Google Chrome I can see all of this post’s images. Please note that Update v2.3+ of Paid Memberships Pro now includes frontend login and profile editing. We are working to update all of our documentation that recommended using a third-party plugin or custom code to allow this feature. Please read the release notes on v2.3 for more information.

Im soooooooo confused. Why would Paid membership pro have an edit profile and reset password in the My Account dashboard? Then link to the backend and not provide access for non admins??

Hello there. Its a bit dissapointing that your plugin does not do something as simple as frontend login/logout. I don’t want to use the memberlite theme. I have built my own website. Furthermore, I tried Theme My Login but I don’t see why I should pay extra for stuff such as a reCaptcha for login and stuff. Is there another way through PMP that I can configure beautiful frontend login?

Hi Marie – all of our code is open source and we welcome Pull Requests to the plugin’s GitHub repository with new features should you wish to code that easy frontend login. For now the methods we outline in this article are our recommendation.

How are the updates mentioned above in relation to PMP versions of some/all of the Theme My Login functionality coming along ?

Just wondering…..unfortunately my faith and trust in TML has been tested over the last 9 or 10 months….

Thanks !!



We have begun taking some broad notes on how we would approach these features as well as exploring other plugin options available. I cannot speculate as to when these features will be created. If you would like to reach out via the forums to resolve whatever issues you are seeing, please open a ticket. We are personally having no issues using TML for our own purposes.

Might be a good idea to edit this post at the top to indicate that TML’s licensing and functionality has changed. Not only is there a fee for some of the functionality, but TML does NOT automatically generate the pages you describe in your post. Slugs are generated, but not pages.


Aha. Turns out that my license keys were not activated, so I didn’t have the option to update automatically. I’m going to give Jeff the feedback that the message should be updated so users like me understand the next steps! I have been able to update the extensions after all.

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for the update! I am sure Jeff will be able to use your feedback to help other users! We are still having a look at potentially building a feature like this but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Fingers crossed that you guys are working on providing a replacement for the Theme My Login extensions sometime very soon, since it does some crucial things for a membership site.

I bought the bundle when it changed over. Just today, when I go to update the extensions, TML is saying “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin,” and when I click to go to the details page, I am taken to the main TML page, so it looks like I need to buy the extension again in order to update it. No info can be found on the TML site about where to get the update without paying for the new version.

I was willing to pay for the bundle, but I’m not willing to pay $15 for each and every update of each extension, which could push the cost of running the TML plugin overall to over a hundred dollars are year or more, depending on how often updates are provided.

So altogether, really hoping that a new solution is coming down the pike from PMPro! I am 100% reliant on your plugin and appreciate the work you guys are doing.


Hi PMPro – TML version 7 (updated 12/6/18) has now moved to only offering commercial extensions to carry out some of the important functions in their ‘modules’ (e.g. for user’s editing their profile page) – will PMPro be able to do this instead in the future? This will cause some problems for many users who relied on TML to get PMPro working on their site (including us). Does PMPro still recommend TML now as a premium plugin?

Hi @parishpump,

We noticed this coming change a little while ago too and are working on short term and long term solutions for our users. We’ve heavily encouraged users to use TML and it’s an issue that users need to pay to get the same functionality from the new TML that they used to get for free.

In the short term, here are a couple options:

1. Remain in version 6.4 of TML. You can edit the plugin header to change the version to 9999 or something like that so it doesn’t prompt you for an update any more. The last version of TML is likely to work for a while until a WP update changes something about the login system that breaks it.

2. Pay them $50 (use the discount code SAVEFACE for a 20% discount) for the bundle or $10 for the themed profiles module. I am not sure yet if simply upgrading to the version 7 and paying will keep things working as they were on the old version if you’ll have to set things up again… specifically those custom templates may be an issue. You should be able to ask the TML team about that.

Long term we are looking into providing some of the functionality that TML did in a PMPro addon (or maybe in our core plugin). The themed profiles stuff in particular is pretty complicated to write and maintain, but is a focus of ours. It is going to take some time.

Stay tuned to our blog. We might post an update there as we gather more information on this and potential alternatives to TML… but we haven’t seen any that we like as much yet.

I hope this helps.

Sorry for the long post.
I’ve taken over a site that was setup by someone else and after migrating the site to a new location we have login issues. The previous developer (now deceased) used the TML shortcode ‘[theme-my-login]’ on each of the TML pages. That is all that is on those pages. But he didn’t have the TML plugin installed!
He used Dynamic Widgets Plugin and has setup Tabbed Login Widget. The homepage shows the login tabs in the sidebar and when people enter their username and password it used to take them to the membership section and the daily digest of news page. Now it takes them to the WordPress login screen. I setup pmpro-redirect and activated it, but it isn’t taking people to the right page. It was taking them to their profile. I setup a redirect (with another plugin) that sends them to the daily digest page instead of the profile, but they have to login twice.
Any help would be appreciated.

I may have missed some other questions in there, but this “they have to login twice” is often caused when http and https versions of a site are both linked to on the site. If a user has logged into the http version of the site, then end up on an https page, they might have to login again. There is some info on fixing that here: https://www.paidmembershipspro.com/configuring-wordpress-always-use-httpsssl/

Another common cause for that is a multisite setup where there are separate domains or subdomains.

We would need some further information from you and likely access to your site to look around. If you post to our member forums, we can help you there.

There’s something that doesn’t seem to work after TML installation: on the themed login page there’s a register link that is not redirected to pmpro register page but goes to tml register page instead. Does this happen to me only? I’m fixing it via htaccess but it was supposed to work without tweaks, right?

Yes it should redirect without issue – what you can do is uncheck “anyone can register” from the Settings > General page in the WP Dashboard. This will remove the “Register” link from the TML pages but still allow registration via membership checkout.

I had the theme my log in page working beautifully but when I switched from PP to Stripe, somehow now I can only get a themed log in if you click on Login from the membership menu at the top menu, if you go to content and click log in it takes you to the default WP Login generic (non Theme my login page), can anyone help me trouble shoot this. Since I did not generate the login and register buttons under the content (PMPro did), I am not sure how to redirect where the Login is directing people … and I can’t figure out why it was working and now is not.

Thanks for the help
empowered advocacy

You can simply modify the links under Memberships > Advanced Settings to the appropriate login page URL (usually “/login/”. I will test this as well and see what the issue could be.

I haven’t tested “User Profiles” but I’ll put it on my list to try out – if I find any inconsistencies I’ll post to the blog. If you tried it out yourself, please let us know in a comment reply below.

Using the Free Version, Why cant Pay Pal work without clients having an acct. I called PP and they told me it was you. It was working and since your upgrade my clients now only have the ability to pay using PP not with CC’s or as Guest checkout. It states that the Free membership pro has a valid key code and when i put it in it says expired. So can you tell me. Why? I bought this with my Theme and had this working then the code went invalid and the only way to make this work is Buy the Full Membership? Dont understand.

The only theme we are officially partnered with is the Memberlite theme that we’ve built. All of our code is open source though, so some other themes may have bundled PMPro with it or directed you to download our plugin from the WP.org repository or GitHub. In any case, any license key you got from the theme won’t work with the PMPro license form, which is only required to install or update some of our addons through the WP dashboard.

RE PayPal requiring a PayPal account for subscriptions: here is where we in the code set the flag to tell PayPal that a PP account is not required:


I’ve heard reports of this not working for certain customers in certain cases, but am not sure of exactly what might cause this to stop working. If you post a thread in our support forums, we can get more info to look into it for you.

I’ve also found this, which may be applicable:


Hello , thanks for your article. I have just followed the steps, but can’t see where a password is generated…? It asks users to reset their password, but it is not generated in the first place. Do I need an ad-on? a pro account?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but I think you’re asking how the new password is generated when users reset their password. The process is something like this:

1. Users click on the “reset password” link.
2. Users enter their username or email address.
3. An email is sent to the users from WordPress with a link to reset their password
4. When the user clicks on that link, they are taken to a form to enter and confirm the new password.

Hope this helps.

One thing I’d like to note about TML, that I’ve noticed with my site, and we’re working to implement our own login/out/reset pages to resolve – TML adds about 800ms of time to our Time to First Byte. Just something I recommend checking when you’re testing out this plugin!

Thanks for the info on that. That is quite a bit of time for a plugin like TML. Feel free to follow up with Justin (TML Author) about that. Let me know if you find any info on why that might be. And I’ll run a few tests to see if I can figure out why that’s happening.

Great article. The early advice to use TML when I set up my client site using PMPro was an eye-opener. Some of their add-ons add incredible functionality, especially the ability to redirect certain members to parts of the site based on their membership level or role. I love the idea about putting the login screen in the area of the ‘not logged in’ message, but I’m wondering how to control the redirection in that instance so it doesn’t go back to a preset dashboard page or something when logging in. (I guess I’ll have to dig in and see if the shortcode allows for an attribute.)

Why doesn’t Paid Memberships Pro do X? I’ll sum up; because someone else has already done it:)

This is a really tricky area though, on one hand you have developers – who want the lightest possible plugin – just handling what it’s designed to do and not messing with things it shouldn’t, and on the other hand you have end users, who are looking for a complete ‘out of the box’ plugin experience.

I’ve wrestled with some enormous membership plugins over the years on behalf of my clients – many people start off with an ‘out of the box’ solution, only later discovering limitations when they want to change/improve things. So you’re definitely right with recommending plugins for adding functionality. Keep up the good work.

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