The first step to setting up Paid Memberships Pro is creating a Membership Level.

On the dashboard, go to Memberships > Membership Levels.

  1. Name: The name of your Membership level (public)
  2. Description: Optional content shown on the checkout page.
  3. Confirmation Message: Optional content shown on the checkout confirmation page.
  4. Billing Details: For my $10/month plan, I set:
    • Initial Payment (This is what is charged at checkout. E.g. $10.)
    • Recurring
    • $10 per 1 Month
    • No payment limit
    • No trial
    • No expiration
  5. Content Settings: If you have any Categories that should be locked down for members, you can check them off at the bottom of the edit level page. This means that any post in a restricted/Members-Only category will be locked down for members of this level.
  6. Save Level

Important: At least one membership level must be open to signups (“Allow Signups” = Yes) or your customers will be redirected to your membership levels page when they try to register or checkout.

Read more documentation on Membership Levels