The Memberships > Settings > Email Settings and Email Templates admin pages allow you to control emails sent by your Paid Memberships Pro site.

Configure Email Settings

  1. Click the Email Settings Tab. (From the dashboard, go to Memberships > Settings and select Email Settings)
  2. From Email and From Name: Use these fields to change the email address and name used WordPress sends email communications to your members.
  3. Email Deliverability: Optionally connect SendWP to improve email deliverability.
  4. Other Email Settings: PMPro does not send the default WordPress user notification email since this information is covered in the membership checkout confirmation email sent by PMPro.
  5. Save Settings

Click here for more information on Emails/Member Communications

Edit Email Templates

To get started editing emails in your membership site, navigate to Memberships > Settings > Email Templates.

  1. From this page, select a template to edit in the dropdown.
  2. Once selected, you can modify each template’s subject line and body text for your needs.
  3. Personalize email content using the included variables shown on this screen.
  4. Save Settings

The Email Templates screen also allows you to run a test by sending yourself a copy of the message, or disable distribution of any single email template.

Video: Configure Email Settings

Video: Edit Email Templates

Screenshots: Email Settings and Email Templates

Email Settings for Paid Memberships Pro

Email Templates for Paid Memberships Pro
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