Gold Country Yoga Finds Membership Website Development Success With PMPro

When COVID-19 first reached the U.S., businesses both large and small were forced to entirely reevaluate the way they operated.

People had to get creative when it came to transforming their in-person businesses into entirely digital experiences. For small-business owners, failing to innovate and adapt to a now-virtual world meant risking having to permanently close their doors. Gold Country Yoga, a studio located in the small city of East Sonora, California, was no exception. However, husband and wife team Mark Holmes and Ellen Cremer rose to the challenge. 

By joining together their unique professional backgrounds and Stranger Studios’ plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, Mark and Ellen were able to reinvent a physical yoga studio as a successful online business.

Gold Country Yoga Website Screenshot

Helping Rabbi Patrick Simplify and Manage Complex Online Learning Programs

Learn how to simplify a complex structure of over 150 levels into a manageable 3-level membership site.

Jason spends some time talking with Rabbi Patrick, Director of Programs and Strategy for Darshan Yeshiva. The interview also includes takeaways on managing members and tutors across the US for an Online Learning program focused on Conversion to Judaism and Ongoing Judaism Education.