Note: We were made aware that this plugin is not currently working as expected. Please reach out to the developers for advice before purchasing to confirm compatibility.

Refer to the plugin information page for more details on the Paid Memberships Pro integration for Gravity PMP.

Integration specific features include:

  • Highly customizable registrations
  • Register to multiple levels simultaneously
  • Allow donations of any amount
  • Multiple gateways are supported

This is a third-party plugin.

The third-party integrations you see on our website are maintained by the creators of the products themselves.

Before listing them, our team conducts initial testing to ensure basic functionality. However, it's important to note that these integrations may change over time. This could include scenarios like the integration no longer being maintained, conflicts arising with the latest versions of WordPress or PMPro, issues with customer service, or other unforeseen bugs.

If you come across any problems with these integrations, please let us know by reporting them here.