I will be doing a free webinar tomorrow in partnership with OSTraining. OSTraining is a great resource for video training for all kinds of IT needs, including WordPress. They have recently begun creating videos for Paid Memberships Pro as well. Check out their stuff to see if it can be useful to you, and definitely check out our webinar tomorrow.

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Webinar: Top 3 Tips a Membership Site Host Needs to Increase Conversion

Date: Thursday, October 15th

Time: 1pm EDT (New York time). You can find what time it will be for you by clicking here.

During this webinar, Jason will share the 3 best tips he has to increase conversions on your membership site. These 3 tips have been applicable across many different membership sites and are almost always able to increase conversions immediately.

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This was a great webinar and we’re working on implementing some of the ideas. Our site is closed to members and so we have a 2 week free trial. At the end of that trial if the person hasn’t converted to a paid membership, we want to send them a special offer for a 4 month membership for the price of 3. Any suggestions on “ideal” timing for an offer like this? We don’t want to do it too soon – in case they just haven’t gotten around to signing up yet. But we don’t want to wait too long and they’ve forgotten about us. Do you have any suggestions on the timing for sending out this special offer?

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