Runs when the order status changes (uses the order’s new status in the action hook name).

do_action( 'pmpro_order_status_' . $this->status, $this, $this->original_status );

There are six built-in forms of this hook (more if you have added custom order statuses or are using an Add On that extends). Hook variations include:

  • pmpro_order_status_error
  • pmpro_order_status_pending
  • pmpro_order_status_refunded
  • pmpro_order_status_review
  • pmpro_order_status_success
  • pmpro_order_status_token

Click here to learn about the various order statuses in Paid Memberships Pro.


object; The current member order object
string; The original status before changing to the new status



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