Browse the database of various action and filter hooks available in Paid Memberships Pro. Select an action or filter to view detailed information, examples, and related articles with code recipes.

Show Action and Filter Hooks in:

Action Hook: Use this hook to add extra fields to the billing page or execute custom code immediately before the Submit button.

Filter Hook: Whether to show the member’s subscription payment method as a list item at the top of the Billing Information page.

Filter Hook: Whether to include the billing address fields on checkout and on the billing page.

Filter Hook: Include the payment information fields on the checkout/billing pages.

Filter Hook: Filters whether or not to use the international address form. By default, this is set to true to allow any form of address.  When set to false, this will display the shortened “US” version.

Filter Hook: Controls whether to show the CVV field on the billing and checkout pages.

Filter Hook: Controls whether to enable Stripe Lite, which only shows minimal Billing Fields (no address fields, no card type). Overrides “Show Billing Address Fields” in Memberships > Payment Settings.