Browse the database of various action and filter hooks available in Paid Memberships Pro. Select an action or filter to view detailed information, examples, and related articles with code recipes.

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Action Hook: Perform an action after the welcome menu and before the logout link.

Action Hook: Perform an action before the welcome menu Log In Widget.

Filter Hook: Change the navigation links below the login form.

Filter Hook: Controls whether or not to redirect the default WordPress User Registration page to the Membership Levels page in Paid Memberships Pro. Passing false will disable the redirect.

Filter Hook: Filters the URL to redirect to when logging in. Passes the URL, request, and WP_User object.

Filter Hook: Choose whether to redirect back to the original page after login using the login widget. The default is yes (true).

Filter Hook: Filters the location that users will be redirected to when attempting to visit the default WordPress User Registration page. Returning false or an empty string will result in no redirect from the register page.

Filter Hook: Whether to show a registration link below the login form. The default is the registration settings in the WordPress admin under Settings > General.

Filter Hook: Change the default location for the signup page, including the levels page or the default WordPress multisite page for multisite networks.