Browse the database of various action and filter hooks available in Paid Memberships Pro. Select an action or filter to view detailed information, examples, and related articles with code recipes.

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Action Hook: Execute custom code to perform a clean up or reset memory limits after the members list CSV is exported.

Action Hook: Use this hook to run custom actions prior to the members list export to CSV.

Filter Hook: Sets the PHP date format used during CSV export.

Filter Hook: Filter to adjust the value of the “Expires” column on the Members List, Members List CSV export, and “Expires” column on the Recent Members widget.

Filter Hook: Filters the default columns to show on the Members List CSV export. Passes an array of arrays with the format array("object", "property").

Filter Hook: Adds extra columns to the Members List CSV export. Passes an array of arrays with the format array("object", "property").

Filter Hook: Filter the headings in the Membership List CSV export. Returns a string of headings separated by commas.

Filter Hook: Filters the SQL query used on the Members List and Members List CSV export. Passes the SQL query string.

Filter Hook: Sets max number of users exported at a time during CSV export. This filter is used by the Members export in the core plugin as well as a few of our Add Ons with a user or member export option.