Add additional template directories to search when loading email templates.

The hook should return an array of directory strings. Elements at the end of the array are searched first. Elements at the start of the array will be searched last.

The default locations searched are (in order):

  • /wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/paid-memberships-pro/email/
  • /wp-content/themes/{your-parent-theme}/paid-memberships-pro/email/
  • /wp-content/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/email/

apply_filters( 'pmpro_email_custom_template_path', array $default_templates, string $page_name, string $type, string $where, string $ext );


array; Array of templates PMPro checks by default.
string; The specific template that PMPro is looking for.
string; The type of template, e.g. “pages” or “email”.
string; Defaults to “local” to search local directory paths, but could be “url” to search for templates using URL paths.
string; The extension to add to the template name, e.g. “.php” or “.html”.



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