How it Works

This plugin adds a “level cost text” field to Membership Levels and Discount Codes, allowing you to override PMPro’s default level cost text. You can also modify the cost text globally via Advanced Settings. Please use with care as sometimes the level cost text is the only way a user will know how much their credit card is being charged.


  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-level-cost-text’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Edit a Membership Level or Discount Code to override the level cost text.

Video Demo

Custom Membership Level or Discount Code Cost Text

On the “Edit Membership Level” or “Edit Discount Code” page, you can override the default level cost using the available placeholders or custom text.

Custom Level Cost Text Screenshot for PMPro

Advanced Settings to Modify Cost Text

On the Memberships > Advanced Settings admin page, you can manage the global rules for all generated membership level cost text.

Advanced Settings for Level Cost Text Screenshot


When crafting your custom level cost text message, you can use completely custom text or variables based on the level’s settings. Here are the placeholders that can be used in the “level cost text”field.”

Ex: “The price for membership is $20.00 now and then $10.00 per Year.“
Ex: “$20.00 now and then $10.00 per Year.“
The name of the level the user is registering for.
The description for the level the user is registering for.
The initial payment for the level the user is registering for.
How much the user has to pay for a recurring subscription.
How many cycle periods must pass for one recurring subscription cycle to be complete.
The unit of time cycle_number uses to measure.
The total number of recurring billing cycles. 0 is infinite.
The cost of one recurring payment during the trial period.
The number of billing cycles that are at the trial price.
The number expiration periods until the membership expires.
The unit of time expiration_number is measured in.

This is a Standard Add On.

Standard Add Ons are included in all premium membership plans.