We are contacted by dozens of people every day who need help setting up sites with Paid Memberships Pro. More work than we can handle internally. We’re putting together a directory of developers with experience implementing Paid Memberships Pro, working with our add ons, and integrating PMPro with third party themes, plugins and payment gateways. If you’d like to be considered for this list, please click the link below to submit your profile.

Submit Your Developer Application

Note that submitting your application will not guarantee a spot in the developer directory. We will review your experience and submitted sites, possibly contact you about your work, and make a decision. This directory will be updated biannually to maintain ultimate freshness.

Update: You can find the Paid Memberships Pro developer directory here.

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Oh yay ! I absolutely cannot wait for this list to come out. Thought I could go it alone and I was wrong 🙂

Yes, hello. I love the product and would consider upgrading, but for some reason the system doesn’t track cancellations and is screwing up my numbers, is there anyone to get this tiny little bug fixed?

Can you follow up in the forums to give us more information about how your numbers are off. We’re aware of some discrepancies in how cancellations are tracked and have some updates planned to address this going forward. But more information always helps us.

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