Sales & Revenue
Know exactly how well your membership site is doing with up to date sales and revenue reports. Filter the Sales or Revenue report by membership level and time period (day, month, and year), and compare data to the “average” trendline for the filtered view.

Signups and Cancellations
View membership signups, expirations, and cancellations by day, month, or year. Compare signups to cancellations or expirations.

Active Member Per Level
An interactive pie chart and table the lists member count per level. Get a quick overview of how your different levels compare.

Member Visits, Views, and Logins
Explore overall site traffic and dive into specific statistics per member. We also offer custom methods to track user activity by membership level in Google Analytics.

Members List View
View a report of all members and filter or sort by level, start date, expiration, and more.

Order Management for Admins
View all orders for new and recurring payments. Filter orders by status, date, membership level, discount code and more.