We now have a public Trello Board outlining our development road map.

The board shows incoming development requests, the planned work for the core plugins and addons, and what we are actively working on. We will keep this board up to date to help communicate what we are currently working on and what is in the pipeline for Paid Memberships Pro.

Submit Ideas

To submit an idea, use our contact form and include the message “Development Request for Trello Board”. Ideas we find interesting will be added to the “Incoming Requests” list to be discussed by our team. Approved ideas will moved to one of the “Planned” lists, and of course stuff we start working on will move to an “Active” list.

If an idea is requested a lot, but we are not interested in working on that ourselves, we will move it to the “Back Burner” list. While we won’t work on these items ourselves, we will support any other developers in the community that want to get involved.

Get Involved

If you see an item in the planned column (or even the incoming or active columns) and would like to work on that effort, reach out to us through our member forums, contact form, or on Twitter to start discussion on how we can work together.

View Board on Trello
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