Today we converted our paid member forums into a support ticketing system. The underlying technology is still a heavily customized version of the bbPress forums plugin. However, users can no longer view posts by other users, reply to other users’ posts, or search the forums. Instead, the support profile page has been updated to show a list of your own tickets.

All of your existing support tickets are still in this new system. If we were working on a support topic with you before, we are still working with you on that ticket now.

Despite the fact that we are essentially removing functionality from the site, we believe this change is a positive one that will result in better support for our customers.

The new ticketing system does more to protect your privacy. Some users were uncomfortable posting to the forums since others could see those posts, even if the private reply option was available.

This update also makes it easier to find your own tickets within the system and get right to the discussions that are important to you.

If you are one of the many users who used the forum search to find solutions to issues yourself, we know that this change is tough and may slow down some of the research you used to do. You should continue to use the full site search to see if there is a documentation page or blog post about your issue.

If you can’t find an answer on our site or through Google searches, feel free to open a new ticket for your question. In the short term, this will result in a higher number of support requests, and we are ready for that. We will be posting solutions to common issues on our blog and more regularly updating our documentation. The kinds of questions that were previously being answered through forum searches should become apparent to us very quickly, and we will get those solutions posted elsewhere on the site as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this transition. If you have any questions or concerns about the new paid support system, let us know. If you notice anything buggy, definitely let us know.


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Will you be able to see your closed support tickets? It is always nice to have the information given in the tickets available.

Hello, if you are logged into your PMPro account, you should be able to access your old tickets by clicking on the ‘Member Support’ link on the right top corner of the screen.

Hi Jason and everyone –

Thanks for all the work you guys are doing to improve the support feature.

I do regret not being able to see other folks’ issues any more, and worry about increasing the volume of support tickets for issues which could be resolved by reading other threads. However, I do understand that it’s the right business decision for you all, and I hope it goes smoothly.

I want to put a plea in for speeding up the update of the search function. I know from a response I got from Eileen in September that you are working on this.

Given how much WordPress and plugins change, it’s vital that we see the most recent posts or articles first. It’s very frustrating to have a problem, run a search, and then read through a relevant article, only to find that it’s from 2011, which means I can’t trust anything in that article to guide me.

I hope you’re tweaking the search function so that a) most recent material shows up first, and b) we can see clearly from the post (either in the search returns, or at least at the top of the post or article) the date that it originated.

Hopefully this will roll out soon, and will be something to be thankful for!!


Oh I noticed that – it is such a shame as I really benefited from learning from others. Now I feel that I am wasting the support team’s time as I could have most likely found the issue to my question by searching the forum first.

I installed the PMPro and I needed to modify the registration form for the membership categories that I created. The short code for the membership account was [pmpro_account]. How do I go by adding fields on the form? Please advise, thanks a lot.
If this feature is available by premium feature? which one is it? and can I try it to see if that will work on my site requirement? if not, can I return it and get a refund?


Hello @erwinpunto,

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

In order to add additional fields to your checkout form and save these fields to your member’s profile, you will need to use our Register Helper Add-On. The Add On is free and doesn’t require a premium license, but it does require a bit of coding knowledge to set up. As a PMPro Plus member, our support team will add up to 5 extra fields for you at no additional charge 🙂

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