This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Paid Memberships Pro for your WordPress site.

Deviating from the recommendations here may require some extra work above and beyond the scope of this document. Support can be found in the Paid Memberships Pro member forums.

Topics Covered in the Guide

  1. Introduction
    • What kind of site are we talking about?
    • What will I need and what will it cost?

  2. Setting Up Paid Memberships Pro

    • Step 1. Install Paid Memberships Pro

      • Option 1: Installing Paid Memberships Pro through the WordPress dashboard
      • Option 2: Download a Paid Memberships Pro Package (just plugin or Bundle)

    • Step 2. Add a New Membership Level

      • Screenshot: Memberships > Membership Levels > Add New

    • Step 3. Setting up PMPro Pages

    • Step 4. Payment Gateway & SSL Settings

    • Step 5. Email Settings

    • Step 6. Advanced Settings

    • Step 7. You’re Done – Now go test it!


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