Using the Nav Menus Add On in a Multiple Memberships Per User Environment

The Nav Menus Add On is designed to swap a theme’s menus based on Membership Level. This logic assumes that each member has a single membership level, even if you are using the MMPU (Multiple Memberships Per User) Add On. A user with several levels will still only be shown a single navigation menu.

This recipe demonstrates how to use the pmpronm_prioritize_levels filter hook to set the priority of which menu to display when the user has more than one membership level.

This content requires a premium membership plan.

Banner graphic for Using a Filter to Specify Nav Menu Priority for Multiple Membership Levels

Nav Menu Add On v.3.4: Bug Fix and Priority Filter for MMPU

Nav Menus Add On for Paid Memberships ProThe Nav Menus Add On for Paid Memberships Pro creates member navigation menus and swaps your theme’s menu areas or menus placed via widget based on a user’s Membership Level.

The v.3.4 release includes a new filter to prioritize which menu will be shown when the logged-in user has multiple levels of membership. We’ve also fixed a bug where logged-in members may see the incorrect menu.