Our Pay by Check Add On adds a second payment option for members to make purchase by “Check”. With a little help from WordPress’ gettext filter, you can open up more payment options for your members. What types of changes can you make? In some parts of the world, “Check” is spelled “Cheque”. Alternately, you could use the Pay by Check Add On as a workaround to offer members the option to pay by bank transfer. This code recipe will help you rename “Check” to “Cheque,” “Pay by Bank Transfer,” “Send an Invoice” or any other messaging you desire. Our recipe below changes the words “Pay by Check” to “Pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer” on the Membership Checkout page. If you need this to say something else, edit the $translated_text variable on line 11. The Code Recipe https://gist.github.com/travislima/012893d789e57b5055bbc1570753ebf6 Customize and add this code to a helper PMPro Customizations plugin (our recommended method)….

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