Our Register Helper Add On allows you to collect additional fields at membership checkout, on the user’s profile, or for administrative view-only. For people who aren’t familiar with coding, this plugin can be a bit daunting to use. Figarts recently launched a third-party extension to simplify form building with Register Helper: Paid Memberships Pro – Form Builder.

Form Builder for Paid Memberships Pro

About the Premium Plugin

FigartsPaid Memberships Pro – Form Builder allows you to create fields via a drag and drop builder. The plugin includes the option to add “checkout boxes” just like Register Helper allows you to do, all without custom code.

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This extension requires the Register Helper Add On for Paid Memberships Pro, which you can download via the WordPress Repository.

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As Kim mentioned in the comments here, we have seen repeated issues with this form builder and users have found it difficult to get support from the plugin author. Please reach out to Support for further assistance with what you would like to achieve.

Hi is there a reason why on the edit profile page it shows First Name and Last Name? I don’t want this, also why does username show up as “Display name publicy as”?

We chose these default core WordPress user object fields in building the form. Username is a field that is not possible to change in WordPress, however there is also a display_name field that allows users to enter any text to adjust how their name is shown in comments or in other public postings, such as bbPress topics/replies and more.

If you do not want these fields to display you will need to have a developer customize the form for you. There is no filter to adjust these at this time.

PMP team

Why don’t you make it easier for your customer to add these additional fields, I would assume that this would be very much appreciated.

I think that for a plugin that cots nearly 300$, it’s a shame not to have a decent way of creating forms. Not asking for a fancy drag&drop interface but at least shortcodes or some sort of integration with popular builders like Elementor or Visual Composer

I have always manually edited Register Helper in the past but for this new project, I thought I would try this plugin. It’s showing up fine on the registration form but I’m not seeing it in the CSV or in the user profiles. So frustrating…

We have seen repeated issues with this form builder and users have found it difficult to get support from the plugin author. If we can help you create your fields the old fashioned “Register Helper” way, please open a ticket in the support area.

Thank you Kimberly. My client needed a more user friendly way of controlling the Registration form which is why I purchased this plugin. It’s a shame because it actually does work, it’s just buggy — and they do not reply to tickets. I might reach out to you next.


It looks intimidating when you first look at it (‘it’ being the Register Helper Add-In) but it really doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. I am NOT a developer, far from it, but I’ve managed to create my own bespoke Checkout Page – took me about 2-3 hours to get to grips with it (I didn’t even know what PHP stood for!), then another hour or so creating the form and integrating it into MailChimp. Everything you need is right here.

Save your money (and, apparently, heartache too).


Hi, I have purchased this plugin. I entered fields and saved the form, but I can’t find fields that I added on user profile that signed up using the form. Help me. Register Helper add-on is installed.

Hi, I have recently got around to installing an SSL certificate on my domain. I have also installed the SSL Secure Content Fixer from https://shop.webaware.com.au/

Since doing so.. and it might not be related but I have noticed that the link to form builder is showing a 404 error page. I can;t get my head around why. It’s still working and collecting data, but I want to add another field and can;t gain access to it… can anyone help?



I have purchased your plugin and installed it in my MULTISITE.

It is working fine for non-registered user and not logged in users but fields are not showing for registered user. Would you please let me know the issue why this is happening?


Do you mean at checkout? Maybe you put your fields into the after email field area or another area that is only shown to new users. You can move the fields into their own checkout box or use custom code to make sure it appears elsewhere for existing users.

If you post to the member forums, we can help further.

Looks like Figarts may not be someone you should promote. Having trouble with them as well, the documentation is less than ideal on top of that.

Maybe this is an add on you should write. Seems like it would be worth it since it really is important to be able to make the form do more. 100% of my clients want custom fields on their checkout pages.

We agree that fields are important and have some ideas on how to achieve this. If you’d like to be a part of the conversation reach out via the Contact Form. We may be able to schedule a Dev Chat related to this. I’ve played around with ACF as an option – adding user meta fields to checkout by level ID. Its another hybrid approach but could be possibility. Drag and drop form building is a huge plugin market and effort.

Like others, I am having trouble getting a reply from the developers. I bought the plugin and paid for it last July, installed it and it was working Ok for a little while. Now it is saying the licence has expired but it has another 7 months to go. The Figarts website won’t let me log in and doesn’t recognise my email address.

Good afternoon, James.
I bought the Paid Memberships Pro – Form Builder plugin in 2017.
I can not download his site, because the login does not enter anymore and I can not talk to the support. Nobody answers.

I have purchased this plugin. Installed as per instructions and while it works at the back end. Any edits to the form I make do not show. Only the standard entrys are showing at checkout. Am I missing something here? I have also installed and activated register helper.

Would really like this working. Since I paid twice for it. First time I got an error to say purchase didn’t complete but two payments have come from my bank account and they haven’t got back to numerous emails about this.

So not I am left with a plugin that doesn’t work. Which I have paid twice for. And am receiving zero support from the developer. This really shouldn’t be advertised as a plugin for PMP.

Many thanks for any support in advance.

Hello James, thanks for buying this plugin.

My attention was drawn to this by Jason. While I told him that this request was resolved shortly after I received it, I just want to update it here that your refund was approved and the plugin currently works on your website.

Thanks again for buying the Form Builder plugin.

I appreciate you adding the message above to Figarts support ticket. Do you have any idea of their usual response time?

I installed this plugin and entered fields and saved the form. Now I can’t find fields that I added and they do not show up on the Register form. Help.

Hi, I have the same problem. I entered fields and saved the form, but I can’t find fields that I added on user profile that signed up using the form. Help me. Register Helper add-on is installed.

Not sure what is happening. You need to get help through Figarts. Try your best. One thing that comes to mind is making sure your fields use correct naming conventions for the meta key.

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