Our Register Helper Add On allows you to collect additional fields at membership checkout, on the user’s profile, or for administrative view-only. For people who aren’t familiar with coding, this plugin can be a bit daunting to use. Figarts recently launched a third-party extension to simplify form building with Register Helper: Paid Memberships Pro – Form Builder.

Form Builder for Paid Memberships Pro

About the Premium Plugin

FigartsPaid Memberships Pro – Form Builder allows you to create fields via a drag and drop builder. The plugin includes the option to add “checkout boxes” just like Register Helper allows you to do, all without custom code.

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This extension requires the Register Helper Add On for Paid Memberships Pro, which you can download via the WordPress Repository.

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I installed this plugin and entered fields and saved the form. Now I can’t find fields that I added and they do not show up on the Register form. Help.

I appreciate you adding the message above to Figarts support ticket. Do you have any idea of their usual response time?

I have purchased this plugin. Installed as per instructions and while it works at the back end. Any edits to the form I make do not show. Only the standard entrys are showing at checkout. Am I missing something here? I have also installed and activated register helper.

Would really like this working. Since I paid twice for it. First time I got an error to say purchase didn’t complete but two payments have come from my bank account and they haven’t got back to numerous emails about this.

So not I am left with a plugin that doesn’t work. Which I have paid twice for. And am receiving zero support from the developer. This really shouldn’t be advertised as a plugin for PMP.

Many thanks for any support in advance.

Hello James, thanks for buying this plugin.

My attention was drawn to this by Jason. While I told him that this request was resolved shortly after I received it, I just want to update it here that your refund was approved and the plugin currently works on your website.

Thanks again for buying the Form Builder plugin.

Good afternoon, James.
I bought the Paid Memberships Pro – Form Builder plugin in 2017.
I can not download his site, because the login does not enter anymore and I can not talk to the support. Nobody answers.

Like others, I am having trouble getting a reply from the developers. I bought the plugin and paid for it last July, installed it and it was working Ok for a little while. Now it is saying the licence has expired but it has another 7 months to go. The Figarts website won’t let me log in and doesn’t recognise my email address.

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