I recently helped two members in our support forums add some interesting and useful user-experience improvements to their sites. Both members are using the Limit Post Views Add On to give visitors or low-tier members the ability to view a limited number of restricted posts.

Continue reading to see how you can leverage this Add On to create a notification bar with a countdown of post views remaining or trigger the display of a popup using the popular Popup Maker plugin for WordPress.

About the Limit Post Views Add On

This Add On sets a cookie for each visitor to track their views. The plugin’s settings page allows you to set the number of visits per “term” for non-members as well as for each membership level. It will allow visitors or members limited access to view posts they do not already have access to view. Once the user’s view limit is reached, they are redirected to the assigned page (most people select the Membership Levels page).

View the Add On

Notification “Countdown” Bar

This nifty recipe will add a countdown, showing members just how many more post views they are allotted. Once the limit is reached, the user will be redirected as specific in the Add On’s settings.

The Code Recipe: Option 1

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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Trigger a Popup when Limit is Reached

This next recipe integrates with the Popup Maker plugin available in the WordPress repository. Once the limit is reached, the user will be redirected to the specified page and the popup will trigger.

You can add any content you would like to this popup, perhaps even try using the [pmpro_signup] shortcode to give users a streamlined way become members. The only important piece for the Popup Maker settings is to set the “Conditions” to show only on the redirected page ID (usually the Membership Levels page).

Limit Post Views - Popup Maker Triggered

This code recipe requires a Plus Account or higher.

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Hello, I am using countdown bar recipe 1. My site is appalachia.io
I am using lightspeed cache and server. My problem is that after applying the recipe the pages are being cached and Limit Post Views addon is not working as it should. The countdown bar once cached is showing same countdown number to every visitor.

Can you help me with that?

I also have edited Limitpost Views addon so certain IPs are excluded from redirection which is working fine when using Javascript function is checked. But when applying this code everyone is being redirected.

Hi @VinciDigital,

Since you are a PMPro Plus Member, would you kindly open up a support topic on our Member Support Forum so that our support engineers can take a closer look into this request for you?

Hi. Really appreciate the code recipes, esp. Option 1. However, I cannot get this to work on my website. Can you advise what might be causing the conflict? I am using a page builder for the home page and am using this on a multisite install.

Could this be modified to create a pop up after a non-logged in user visits X # of pages and display an encouraging “join us” message (or even discount code) instead of locking down the page?

This could most likely be achieved with a plugin like OptinMonster or other WordPress popups plugins. See: https://optinmonster.com

You’d need to hook into their logic to load the popup based on the count of posts that user has seen. If you don’t want to lock the posts (ever) then don’t use the Limit Post Views Add On. Its possible some of the Popups plugins have logic like this as well (trigger when user has visited X posts).

Hi Kimberley,

The timed pop-up works perfectly, however, the Notification “Countdown” Bar doesn’t work at all – it doesn’t show up on my website. Can you help me out? 🙂 Thanks!

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