Migrating From WP User Avatar to Basic User Avatars

The core WordPress software doesn’t include a way for users to upload their own avatars. Instead users are encouraged to use the Gravatar service. There have been many discussions about building in an avatar upload feature, and I think it may actually make it into a future release of WP any day now. In the (more…)

Custom User Avatars with Register Helper for Paid Memberships Pro

There are many options when it comes to choosing an avatar management plugins for your WordPress site. These plugins allow users to adjust their profile picture without needing to edit the Gravatar for their account email.

If you’d prefer a native solution for your PMPro site, this guide will show you how to add avatar management without the need for a third party plugin. The recipe uses the field field type in Register Helper to add an avatar upload form at membership checkout or on the frontend member profile edit page.

Banner image for native avatar management recipe for PMPro