On Time Zones and Off By One Day Errors

Some sites report “off by one day” errors when calculating end dates on new orders and memberships. What this looks like on the front end is setting someone’s end date to January 31, 2017 and then having it show up as January 30, 2017. Or expiration is set to happen at 12:00am, but it happens at 10:00pm instead.

This post covers some common reasons why this is happening and a collection of ways to set the various time stamp settings in your web stack, including your WordPress site, server operating system (CentOS/Linux), server’s Apache/PHP settings, and database MySQL settings.

Troubleshooting Uncaught Exception: ‘Stripe needs the Multibyte String PHP extension’

If you’re integrating with Stripe and running into an error with the words “Uncaught Exception”, see below for how to resolve. Ask your host to enable ‘multibyte string PHP extension’ This particular error is between Stripe and your hosting configuration. You should follow up with your host to have the “multibyte string PHP extension” installed. (more…)