Appeal to the highest number of potential customers by offering credit card, PayPal and check/other payment methods at checkout.

This post covers our add ons that extend the checkout payment options and allow you to offer up to three unique payment methods.

But first, why should you offer multiple payment methods?

Ask 5 random friends how comfortable they are making purchases online and I promise you will receive a variety of responses:

  • the 100% “no fear” online shopper,
  • those that are “slightly concerned” buying things online, and finally…
  • the “highly reluctant to enter my credit card number anywhere” customer.

We know that this variety of comfort levels exist, so what can you do as an online merchant to appeal to the largest array of buyers?

You can offer multiple payment methods.

Offering PayPal as a Payment Method at Checkout

PayPal offers peace of mind to buyers that have concerns paying you directly.

PayPal gives consumers a layer of protection when making purchases online. They are a well known merchant with industry-leading security features beyond anything you can put in place for your own website. In addition, PayPal offers simple tools to allow consumers to manage who they have paid, communicate with issues about their purchases, cancel subscription payments linked to their account, and report fraudulent or unauthorized activity.

Our Add PayPal Express Add On adds PayPal as a payment method in addition to the primary payment gateway.

Offer PayPal as payment method at checkout

Note: to add the credit card and PayPal logos, follow the steps in this tutorial.

View the Add On Documentation

Add Check/Other Direct Payment Method at Checkout

When a majority of your target members fall into the “highly uncomfortable making purchases online” group, offering an offline payment method, such as mailing a check, can greatly improve conversions.

The “Pay by check” option is particularly important for “offline” membership groups or associations that are just getting started with an online system. In this case, some percentage of your members are already comfortable making payment by mail and wish to continue doing so. Moving to an online-only system can alienate the members who prefer the status quo (unless the overhead to do so is prohibitively expensive or labor-intensive).

Our Pay by Check Add On adds a “Pay by Check” method in addition to your primary gateway — and it doesn’t have to be a traditional “check” payment. Some sites use this add on to provide bank transfer instructions or to directly invoice members after checkout via other invoicing systems.

View the Add On Documentation

Want to offer Credit Card, PayPal and Check?

These add ons are all compatible, so you can activate and configure both the Add PayPal Express Add On and the Pay by Check Add On to offer three payment methods at checkout.

Note that if you are already using PayPal Website Payments Pro as the primary gateway, you will only need to install and activate the Pay by Check Add on to offer all three payment methods.

Now go give it a try!

These add ons are both simple to set up and will hopefully lead to a higher conversion rate (more $$$) for your membership program. Here are the links to the add on documentation pages for reference:

As always, if you are experiencing any issues with your payment methods or checkout page behavior, please post a topic on our members support forum.

The PayStack plugin is owned and maintained by PayStack, it would best to contact them if you have found a conflict with their plugin.

I’m trying to offer both credit card payments with and PayPal Express. We’ve been using for the gateway for many years. When I added the PayPal Express Add-on and configuration, the payment option is no longer available. Is it possible to have both and PayPal Express offered to the user as options?

This is interesting. You could use some custom javascript on the checkout page to swap things and change the default. It wouldn’t be too straightforward otherwise without building a custom checkout template.

Can PMPRO offer more than just these options at checkout? What if im interested in adding apple pay or bitcoin as additional payment options? I know bitcoin has a Pmpro 3rd party addon, so gow can i go about integrating that if i wanted to upgrade to your pro plan?

You can get the Bitcoin gateway from GoURL in the repository:

We don’t have an Apple Pay gateway option. It’s something we can look into, but would likely take a long while to develop and release. You can find some information on adding a gateway to PMPro (technically and financially) here:

Thanks alot Kim for this post. I am a PMPRO user in Africa and i tried offering checkout via woocommerce with the Add On but my woocommerce checkout gateway options did not display on the PMPRO Checkout. I would really appreciate your help on this as all the other available PMPRO payment gateways are not functional in my location yet. Thanks again, God Bless!

If you are using the PMPro WooCommerce addon, this does not add a new PMPro checkout option. What you need to do is setup a product in WC and then link that product to a membership level in PMPro. Then when a customer checks out THROUGH WOOCOMMERCE, it will assign the PMPro membership level to that user. Hope this clears things up.

I’m not sure what you mean by “payment plans” exactly. If you mean this tutorial, then yes. Your customers will be able to choose a plan and a gateway.

If you mean recurring subscriptions, then also yes. If you are using “PayPal Payments Pro” or “Payflow” you might have to upgrade your account to support recurring payments.

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