What You Need To Know About Subscription Tax for Your Membership Site

A membership-based subscription website is a great way to earn income on a recurring basis. It lets you create a predictable income source for your business and avoid getting caught in the feast and famine cycle of freelancing and project work. But as great as these websites are, they also have a downside: when you run a subscription e-commerce business, you have to deal with subscription tax. 

Sales tax rates are relatively easy to figure out for one-time purchases. But they become much more complex with subscriptions and recurring billing. 

Keep reading to learn about the common issues that arise when dealing with membership sites and subscription billing and how you can simplify subscription tax management.  

Add the Australian GST Tax Rate to Your Membership Site

If you run a Membership site in Australia or have members who are Australian citizens, you may need to charge an additional 10% GST tax on your membership. The code recipe in this article will add an additional 10% to all Australian residents.

Australian GST | Paid Memberships Pro

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